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and our 5 year warranty for materials and workmanship.


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Here at the Harpsichord Clearing House Gallery you can see, play and evaluate many of the best instruments in the country.

Located in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, about an hour south of Boston, and four hours from New York City, our gallery and staff welcome you to spend the day, getting to know the fine points of instruments from different builders—side by side, both new and used.

Now in our 45th year of building and brokering, we regularly offer instruments by Dowd, Hubbard, Zuckermann, Herz, Martin, Kingston, Hill, Ross, Klinkhamer, Fisk, Bennett, Kaeser and many others. Here you will also find the more rarely seen work of builders such as Skowroneck, Belt, Challis, Dolmetsch and Goff—as well as an occasional antique.

We are the foremost provider of continuo organs in North America offering the distinguished work of Henk Klop (Netherlands), David Leach (UK) and John Bennett (USA). A number of European builders also use our gallery and expertise to show their instruments, giving you an opportunity to experience exciting examples of both national and international styles of the historical keyboard world. Our technical staff is second to none.

Prices and description are subject to change based on evaluation and work in progress.
We list all of our Gallery instruments below, that may be viewed in our Rehoboth, MA showroom.
You will also find the Gallery instruments on our Complete List, marked with the letters "HCH".

Featured now in our Gallery


#3222 HCH
Clavichord by Robert Duffy, 2008
after the 16th-17th century instrument in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston bearing the name "Onesto Tosi". C/E - c''' forty five notes. Double fretted from d# to f#, triple fretted from g to the top c'''. Solid cherry case with a "false inner - outer" construction. Meticulous craftsmanship and detailing from this professional builder includes the small pull drawer in case front and stand with wedge and mortise construction, arcaded keyfronts , dovetailed case corners. $7000


he Gallery/ Harpsichords, Single Manual

#3271 HCH

Single after Dulcken by Jan Albarda, Canada, 1976
. 8', 8', 4', buff non transposing; GG - e''' 58 notes. (96" spine, 6 3/8" octave) Stained case with paneled lid, reverse keyboard. $2500/ offer- as is.



#3622 HCH - Sold
Neupert Telemann Harpsichord, C-f’’’, 54 notes, 8’, 4’, buff, 56” x 33”. $2,800.


#3657 HCH

Bizzi Primo, GG-e’’’, transposing, 58 notes, wooden jacks, decorated soundboard, (74” x 34”, 6 1/4” octave) includes adjustable bench, zippered bag for legs, music rack, lid stick and tool kit.

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#3660 HCH

Bizzi Primo, GG-e’’’, transposing, 58 notes, wooden jacks, decorated soundboard, (76” x 35”, 6 1/4” octave) includes adjustable bench, zippered bag for legs, music rack, lid stick, and tool kit. $6,900.


#3647 HCH

Single manual Italian style harpsichord by Hugh Gough, 1956, 8’,8’, C-f''', (84 1/2”, 6 3/8” octave) $6,900.

#3635 HCH
Eric Herz S model, 1970's / 2014. 8',8', buff, AA-f''', non transposing - case in walnut veneer
Keyboard has plastic covering to naturals and sharps. Meticulously maintained and kept in tune; this a solidly built Herz single that will be 
updated with new tongues, voicing and regulation. in the HCH shop. $7,500

#3419 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
Challis single, 1948
; AA - f''' 57 notes non transposing. 8'8' with buff - in delrin (57" x 34" 6 1/4" octave) A typical small Challis with an aluminum soundboard, walnut case with signature ornate hinges and hardware; a compact instrument . $7900

#3582 HCH
Single by Tom Pixton, 1970 / 2004 .
8',8', buff. GG-f''', transposing .(87" spine, 6 1/4" octave with long heads) Wooden jacks. Case in the English style, burled veneer with inlay and pretty brass hardware, with full strap hinges. Challis tradition metal pin block. Turned trestle stand, reverse keyboard of plastic simulating ebony / bone. New voicing and regulation by HCH, 2014. $8900


#3589 HCH Sold
Zuckermann Flemish single circa 1971, 8', 4', buff non transposing; 53 notes C-e''', all new jacks and registers will be installed by our shop. Walnut case, music rack included. $8900
/ $6200 with existing jacks.

#3463 HCH Sold
Flemish single by Lynette Tsiang, Boston, 1978. 8', 8', buff; GG/BB - d''' with two split sharps in the bass. Bone keyboard with ebony sharps. Pretty faux finishing on case exterior, papered and painted interior, turned stand. Includes custom padded cover and tool kit. $9800

#3654 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2

Zuckermann Flemish single XV, built in 2000. Professionally built by Zuckermann consultant R.P. Hale. 8', 8', buff. 56 notes: GG-d''', transposable 415 / 440 without loss of top d'''. Delrin jacks, celcon plectra. Reverse keyboard, ebony naturals, bone covered sharps. Soldier blue exterior with vermillion detailing. Ivory interior with marbled papers, painted board. Turned oak stand. Includes bench, padded cover and Vio-lab VL-3C and Korg CA30 tuners. Excellent condition. $9,800.


#3608 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
NEW: 17th Century French single by Peter Fisk, 2014
. 8', 8' with wood jacks and celcon voicing. GG-d"' triple transposing 392 / 415 / 440. Keyboard of ebony with tiger maple sharps. Turned leg platform stand which disassembles for travel. Ideal continuo instrument. Dimensions: 78" x 32", weight of approximately 85lbs. From a professional builder. Includes custom padded cover, tool kit. NB: Next one available 4/1/15. $11,900

#3625 HCH
Flemish style single manual harpsichord by Joseph T. Marshall, circa 1968, precise copy of 1648 Ruckers. 8', 4', 49 notes, C - c''' chromatic, non-transposing at A440. Instrument can be retuned to A415 if desired. Flemish style keyboard with white naturals and black sharps. This instrument has been maintained in professional use throughout its life. In 2005, the historical style tuning pins were drilled to make string replacement easier, and end pins were installed on the jacks. Jacks are pearwood with holly tongues and new springs, the registers are covered in leather, and the wire is Rose Special A iron and yellow brass. In 2014, new stringing and voicing by HCH. Flemish block printed papers throughout, with Latin mottoes, and the soundboard is painted in the Flemish style. Dark green exterior with gold bands. Just enough patination from 46 years of aging to make this harpsichord take on the appearance of a genuine antique. The stand is a Ruckers "balloon" four-baluster design in solid teak with an oiled finish. This is an opportunity for the connoisseur who desires absolute authenticity in sound, appearance and action to acquire an early Ruckers style harpsichord. Call to discuss.

#3518 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
Italian style harpsichord by William Dowd
FF - g''', 8', 8', buff, boxwood naturals, ebony sharps; A440 non transposing; walnut case; all updates done by Don Angle. A lovely Dowd in beautiful condition. $12,500

#3268 HCH

NEW: Flemish single manual harpsichord by Glenn Giuttari, 2013; 8', 8', buff stop, with ebony naturals and bone topped sharps; 4 1/2 octaves, GG-d"'. transposing A415/A440; wooden jacks; handstops through the nameboard;Currently undecorated, this instrument can receive Flemish or French style decoration: Full marbled case with Flemish papering to keywell, soundboard surround and lid. Customer choice of Latin lid mottoes; alternate paint scheme would be one solid color with gold bands in the French style; either decorative scheme receives a turned Flemish style stand. $14,000.

#3439 HCH Sale Pending
David Jenks Italian, 1993
, Opus 11, GG-d''', 8', 8', wooden jacks, marbled case, 2 piece stand with turned legs; includes padded cover, tools kit. This is a large Italian, (101" x 38" - 6 1/2" octave) , from a professional builder; a true "inner / outer instrument, the inner instrument, of cedar, is removable from the elaborately marbled outer case. Well maintained; $14,500.

#3514 HCH Sold
French Single by William Dowd,
1978, 8',8', bufff, GG-d''', 56 notes, transposing A415/A440, dark blue painted case with gold bands, turned trestle stand, Includes spare strings, tuning hammer and canvas cover, dimensions 86" x 34", $16,000.

#3377 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3
Audio 4
Italian by David Sutherland, 1984
; 8'. 8', GG - d''', transposing ;( 89" X 35" - 6 1/4" octave) wooden jacks, walnut case with keywell and jackrail of maple. Pretty turned walnut stand. Includes bench and padded cover. From a professional builder. $16,000

#3566 HCH - Sold
Flemish single after Moermans by Frank Hubbard ( shop built 1980).
BB-f"' with two choirs 8', 4' and buff stop. (84 x 34 ~ 6 1/2" octave) @ 415 , not transposing. This instrument has been privately owned since construction and is in "new" condition. Dark Green exterior with gold banding. Cream interior with Flemish papers in the keywell and soundboard surround. Turned baluster stand. New stringing, voicing and regulation by HCH. $16,500

#3467 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3
NEW: Klop Italian harpsichord
2013, 8', 8', registers in brass; AA-d''', Transposing 415/440. (72" x 34" ~ 6 1/4" octave) 35 lbs.Case and stand in Italian cypress wood. Keyboard with tapering inlay sharp. End blocks carved in cypress. Excellent action. Instrument has a custom compartmentalized shipping box which houses the instrument and all stand parts and tools for easy, fully protected travel. In stock and ready for immediate delivery. $18,500 Reduced $16,500


HCH Special Order (shown above)
Giuttari Italian "Messina"
(shown above) - 52 notes: BB-d"' transposing. 8' 8'. with its case in maple.(66" x 34" ~ 6 1/4" octave) Based on an anonymous Italian and my own building experience, and designed for portability and quality of sound. Italian box registers, wooden jacks with delrin plectra. Spruce diagonal board. We are making up three more of these (Opus 4 :delivered to Illinois Wesleyan University , Opus 5 to SUNY/StonyBrook, Opus 6 -Residence Robert Kidd, MA). On 6 month delivery. Inquire for price.

#3521 HCH ~ Sold
Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3
NEW: Flemish style single manual harpsichord after Delin by Robert Duffy, 2013
, 8', 8', buff; range GG - e'''; transposing A415/A440;( 85" spine with 6 1/4" octave) ebony naturals, bone topped sharps; painted soundboard; turned stand; . $20,000

The Gallery/ Virginals & Spinets


#3684 HCH
- Sale Pending
Ottavino by William Post Ross, 1x4’, C-d’’’, 51 notes, natural case finish, measures 21” x 38”, 3 piece trestle stand, padded cover with carrying handles. $2,000.


#3596 HCH

Ottavino by Arnold Dolmetsch, stamped #900 on pinblock. C-c''', 49 notes, quilled in leather. Pretty veneered panels on case, matching veneered bench. 31.5" spine, 20" front to back. $4,200.


#3671 HCH - Sale Pending
Zuckermann Italian Virginal, 1x8’, 54 notes, non transposing, GG/BB - e’’’, four piece stand. $4,500.

#3603 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2

Zuckermann Italian virginal by Margaret Hood, 1974/ HCH 2014 1X8', 54 notes, BB-e''' Can also be tuned in short octave GG/BB-e'''. Dark red case with gilding. key naturals of cherry. Audio is from a similar instrument by Margaret Hood . Dimensions 17" x 64". $4800

#3600 HCH

Virginal by Mars McMillan. circa 1970; C - f'''. Reverse keyboard. Delrin jacks. Includes trestle stand and music rack. Case of Tasmanian redwood. A rare instrument from one of the first builders of historical keyboard instruments in Australia. Completely restrung and re regulated in our shop.$4800

#3049 HCH

English bentside spinet by Robert Goble, London, 1955; 1 x 8', buff and halfstop pedals; FF - f''' 61 notes. A handsome spinet from the Goble workshops, with a full five octaves. Useful as a solo instrument or in consort. This instrument is undergoing a full restoration, with requilling (in Delrin) in the HCH shop. $6,900

#3525 HCH
Hubbard English bentside
, kit built, 1995; FF,GG - f'''. Keyboard of boxwood with mahogany sharps. Delrin jacks. Turned stand, veneered panels on case exterior. Includes music rack. $8000

The Gallery/ Harpsichords, Double Manual


#3545 HCH
Hubbard French double, circa 1970's
. 8', 8', 4', buff . FF -g''' 63 notes non transposing. HCH rebuild 2015. $9,900


#3585 HCH
Flemish Double by David Sutherland 1980
, Zuckermann design and parts; GG-d"' 56 note transposing with loss of top note at 440. 8''8''4' ( with 4' in back) no buff. Keyboard of ebony and bone. Excellent action and voicing throughout. $11,900


#3559 HCH
Hubbard double, circa 1990s
, professionally built by Thomas Maher. 8', 8', 4', buff; FF - f''' transposing, reverse keyboard of ebony and bone. Dark green exterior ./ light green around soundboard. HCH to install second keyboard, complete the exterior finishing and completely refurbish in our shop 2014. $12,500

#3648 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
Hubbard French Double, FF-f’’’, 8’,8’,4’, buff, 61 notes, reverse keyboard, transposing. (92" spine ~ 6 1/4" octave) Decorated sound board, case is light blue with gold banding, turned legs. HCH rebuild 2015. $12,500.

#3560 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3
Hubbard French Double, circa 1990s
, professionally built by Thomas Maher 8’, 8’, 4’.  Shove manual coupler. Buff stop, hand stops. 61 notes, 5 octaves, FF-f’’’, transposing. Delrin jacks. Reverse keyboard with ebony naturals, bone topped sharps. Brown exterior, cream interior. 91 3/4’’ L  X  37 3/4’’ W. Includes matching bench, music desk, two prop sticks, tool kit. Completely refurbished in our shop in 2014. $14,500

#3507 HCH

Frank Hubbard Franco/Flemish double
, 8', 8', 4', buff, FF-g''' transposing. ( 92 x 38 ~ 6 1/4" octave) From the 60's - Case in two tones of green with papers and lid motto, trestle stand. To be totally rebuilt. Call for information. - This instrument could be a workhorse for a college program, with decor simple or elegant. Estimating price at about $16,900


#3646 HCH

French Double by William Dowd, 1960, 8’,8’, 4’, buff, FF-g’’’, English style keyboards with white naturals and black sharps. (93 1/2” x 38”, 6 1/4” octave) wooden jacks, walnut inlay case, decorative hinges, trestle stand. $18,000.


#3445 HCH
Eric Herz French double, Opus 229
, 1974. 8', 8', 4' buff and shove coupler. FF-g''', 63 notes, transposing ; beautiful rosewood case , ebony naturals, bone topped sharps. Solid rosewood stand, custom padded cover. 86" spine x 34" width. $20,000


#3601 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2

Audio 3
J.C. Neupert Double, 1991 after Blanchet 1737 ( 92" x 37" - 6 1/4" octave), 59 notes GG - f''' , 8'8'4' buff, triple transposing 392/ 414/ 440 - wooden jacks, Handsomely finished grey blue exterior / red interior with fully painted soundboard, Weight: 155#. gilded moldings. Includes padded cover. $21,500.
François-Étienne Blanchet (1695-1761), was one of the most famous members of the Paris harpsichord making tradition. This instrument possesses a rich, penetrating tenor and is far and away one of the most expressive French instruments we have seen here in some time.

#3279 HCH

Double manual after Hieronymus Hass, 1734 by William Bennett, New Zealand, 1974. 63 notes FF-g'''. 16', 8', 8', 4', nasale & buff. Non transposing. 6 hand stops. Wooden jacks with new tongues, recently requilled. Leather plectra in the 16'. This unusual and handsome instrument has a deep blue exterior case with cream / pink / gold banding in the interior. Seven fluted and gilded legs. Reverse keyboard of ebony and mother of pearl. Good condition with a strong sound. 109.5" x 43.5 x 13.5. $22,000

#3495 HCH
Flemish double now being built at HCH.
2015 (Photo shows similar instrument with Flemish decoration and turned stand). 8', 8', 4', buff, GG - d''', 56 note plus 1, transposing. Keyboards of ebony with bone topped sharps. Wooden jacks with celcon plectra. French or Flemish style decoration and stand can be specified by purchaser. $22,000

#3447 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
French Double by William Hyman, 1980
. 8', 8', 4', buff ; FF -f''' transposing @ 415/ FF-e"' @ 440. (94" spine with 6 1/4" octave). Chinese Red with gold banding, reverse keyboard and straight trestle leg stand; wooden jacks. WH rose. Instrument bears initials of John Bennett who was with Hyman, completed in the Zuckermann shop. Professionally maintained over the years. This instrument will be completely reworked in our shop at time of contract. $22,000
( All gallery instruments include rebuild and 5 year warranty).

#3508 HCH
Flemish Double by Peter Fisk, 2011; 8', 8', 4', buff; GG-d''' transposing; wooden jacks, turned oak stand and music rack; new custom padded cover and tool kit. A versatile double from a professional builder. $22,000

#3520 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
Double manual harpsichord by Robert Duffy, 2010
, in the 17th Century French style; range GG - d''', transposing A415A440; with ebony naturals and light colored sharps; case painted black with vermillion interior; all brass stringing, 8', 8', 4', buff; parchment "wedding cake rose"; turned stand. dimensions 34" X 85"; $23,000

#3492 HCH SOLD
Flemish Double by William Dowd, 1973; 8',8',4', buff non transposing; GG,AA - d'''. Dark red case exterior with gold banding, moldings, Flemish papers throughout and lid motto; reverse keyboard with arcaded keyfronts; turned oak stand and maple music rack. 89" x 33' wide. $24,000

#3526 HCH

William Dowd, Flemish double, 1970, Opus 191; GG/BB -d''', non transposing; 8’8’ 4’ buff. (90" x 32" - 6 1/4" octave). Mahogany veneer with boxwood crossbanding and inlay case, Kirkman style hinges, Louis XVI legs. Keyboards of boxwood naturals and ebony sharps with arcades. . $24,000

#3499 HCH
Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3
French Double by William Hyman, 1978
. 8', 8', 4', buff ; FF -f''' transposing @ 415/ FF-e"' @ 440. (94" spine with 6 1/4" octave). Red exterior with cream interior, gold banding, reverse keyboard and turned oak stand; wooden jacks. Instrument bears initials of John Bennett, completed in the Zuckermann shop. Professionally maintained over the years. This instrument will be completely reworked in our shop at time of contract. Includes custom padded cover.$25,000
( All gallery instruments include rebuild and 5 year warranty).

#3515 HCH
Sale Pending
Fr Double by Willard Martin 1986 Opus 226
; 8',8',4', buff, FF-f''', transposing A392 / 415 / 440 , after Blanchet, 1720. Lid painting by Evan Wilson. Full soundboard deco by Pamela Gladding. Louis XIII spiral stand. 93.5 x 37" A beautiful instrument from a fine professional builder. $25,000

#3638 HCH

Double manual after Christian Zell 1728 by Carl Fudge,   Opus 26, 1976.   FF-g"' with three choirs of 
8'8'4' and buff. (96" spine with 6 1/4" octave) @ 415 HZ. -not transposing.  Painted case and 
full Zell copy stand.  Fully painted board after the original instrument probably by Sheridan Germann (Boston). Instrument has been well maintained.  $25,000.

#3519 HCH SOLD
Audio 1
Audio 2

Audio 3

French style Double Manual by Robert Duffy, 2013
, after Ruckers/Taskin, 8', 8', 4', buff; shove coupler; range FF - f'''; transposing A415/A440; ( 90" x 36" - 6 1/4" octave)  ebony naturals with bone topped sharps; wooden jacks quilled in delrin; turned stand; soundboard painting in the French style. . $25,500

#3329 HCH
Double by Hubbard and Broekman, 1997, after Ruckers/Taskin
. FF - f''' ; 8', 8', 4', buff, shove coupler; transposing A415/440. Dark blue case with cream interior, gold bands and moldings throughout. A handsome double in very nice condition from the Hubbard shop. $26,500

#3123 HCH Sale Pending
Audio 1
Audio 2
Richard Kingston large double, 1987
, based on Northern European instruments; 8',8',4' with buff on rear 8'; 63 notes FF - g''' transposing 415/440 with extra note for the 440 position;(105" x 39" - 6 1/2" octave). historical style tuning pins, Delrin jacks and plectra in leathered registers,  Louis XVI stand with seven fluted legs; cream color case and matching bench are painted with a delicate leaf design, heavily accented in gold leaf; lid and flap interior have exquisite chinoiserie painting by Pamela Gladding; entire key well and music desk are gilded; includes padded cover. In pristine condition and professionally maintained. $40,000 $32,000 OBO

The Gallery/ Pedal Harpsichords


The Gallery/ Clavichords

#3640 HCH Sale Pending
Zuckermann Hubert Clavichord, C-f’’’, 54 notes, C- d"' double fretted, boxwood naturals, fruitwood sharps, 51” x 14”, 48 lbs., $3,500

#3539 HCH
Zuckermann King of Sweden clavichord
, triple-fretted : 45 notes, C/E-c’’’, short octave in bass.   Boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps. Solid mahogany case with a matching mahogany cabriole-leg stand, and a lined carrying case for easy transport.  Pretty moldings and paneled lid. Makes a small but very musical sound.  Excellent condition.


#3510 HCH
Clavichord "The Urbino Intarsia"
. A Clavichord designed from a wood inlay depiction in the Palace of the Duke of Urbino, Italy. A simple and charming clavichord. 40" x 12.5" $4200 USD

#3584 HCH
Clavichord by William Post Ross
. Op. 37, 1969. GG/BB-d''', unfretted in bass up to A, double fretted to g#'' (open d's & a's), triple fretted to d'''. Case in solid cherry. Divided bridge. A rare instrument from a respected Boston school builder, offered for sale by the original owner. 55.5" long x 19.25" to front of keyboard. $4500


#3639 HCH
Unfretted clavichord  by Hugh Gough, 1967 –  FF-f”’at 415 Hz - double strung. (58" spine with 6 1/2" octave)  Case in walnut with boxwood and ebony keyboard.   $4800.

#3689 HCH

Clavichord by Thomas R.C. Goff and J.C. Cobbey, 1958. C-d’’’, Ebony keyboard, case of burl walnut inlaid on boxwood. A stunning small instrument. 47" x 15 1/2" with 6 1/2" octave. wound strings to bottom octave. Call to discuss.

#3222 HCH
Clavichord by Robert Duffy, 2008
after the 16th-17th century instrument in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston bearing the name "Onesto Tosi". C/E - c''' forty five notes. Double fretted from d# to f#, triple fretted from g to the top c'''. Solid cherry case with a "false inner - outer" construction. Meticulous craftsmanship and detailing from this professional builder includes the small pull drawer in case front and stand with wedge and mortise construction, arcaded keyfronts , dovetailed case corners. $7000

#3050 HCH (shown above)
Fretted clavichord in 16th - early 17th century Italian style by Joel van Lennep, Boston
, 1969. GG/BB - d''' fretted as follows: GG/BB - A unfretted; a#- g'''# double fretted (d's& a's open) ; a'' - d''' triple fretted. Fretting set in meantone temperament. ( 62" x 20" - 6 1/4" octave) Strung in yellow brass throughout. This clavichord is based primarily on the instrument numbered "2", illustration XV in Praetorius' Theatrum Instrumentorum and the 1543 Pisaurensis clavichord in the Heyer Collection in Leipzeig. The five separate straight bridges are held in place by the downward pressure of the strings; the soundboard has a sloping midsection to allow for this. A separate soundboard runs under the keyboard. A true "inner-outer" instrument, the delicate inner case is cedar with full moldings, weighs less than 10 kg. / 22 lbs. The outer case is covered in grey Italian silk velvet, (62" x 20" ~ 6 1/4" octave) . Keyboard of ebony with rosewood sharps and arcaded fronts. Painted trestle strand. From the shop of a noted Boston School builder and former curator of musical instruments at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Includes tool kit and maintenance guide. $6500 as is. With additional shop work to include our 5 year warranty, $7,500.

#3402 HCH - Sold
Large unfretted clavichord by Eric Herz, 1979
. FF - e'''. ( 64" x 19" ~ 6 1/4" octave) Solid cherry case with matching cherry bench. Well cared for. A superb instrument in pristine condition from the noted Boston builder. $8900


#3606 HCH
Clavichord by John Challis, 1962, Opus #257
. GG - f''' 59 notes, double fretted in the top six notes only. Octave span 6.25", spine length 57.75", depth 16.5". Mahogany case with pretty inlaid stringing. Very stable.This is a classic large Challis clavichord in exceptionally fine condition. $10,000.

#3354 HCH
Clavichord by John Challis, #46-72
; 57 notes AA-f''', double fretted in top two notes only;( 58" x 16" ~ 6 1/4" octave) strung in brass and steel with a cast aluminum underframe for absolute structural and tonal stability; signed on the soundboard "John Challis Detroit Michigan"; pretty turned trestle stand, listing board for a greater dynamic range; from the hand of this important American builder, described as "the dean of American harpsichord makers" by Wolfgang Zuckermann; in fine condition. $12,500

#2529 HCH (shown above) Sold
Unfretted made by Chickering and Sons under the direction of Arnold Dolmetsch
, 1907, Boston; Opus 26, 61 Notes, FF-f’’’. Original dark green finish with lovely patina; turned trestle stand; excellent; with original stringing, keyboard, and case paint; reverse keyboard of ebony and ivory. This instrument is among the “unknown” instruments reported in Richard Troeger’s recent article: "The Dolmetsch/Chickering Clavichords and their Model”.
Click here for details.

The Gallery/ Pipe Organs

Click here for our pipe organ page.

The Gallery/ Fortepianos

#3424 HCH
18th century Viennese Fortepiano, after Johann Andreas Stein
, Augsberg, 1784, built in 1976 by Mary Sadovnikoff from a Frank Hubbard kit. Rebuilt here at HCH 2013.  61 notes: FF - f''', double strung throughout. ( 85" x 38"- 6 1/4" octave) reverse keyboard with ebony naturals, bone-slipped accidentals and ebony fronts; strung in soft iron, yellow and red brass; dampers lifted by knee levers. A careful replica that closely reproduces the tone and action as well as the details of construction of this early piano; case and lid veneered in cherry; turned and fluted cherry legs. Weight about 176# - $16,000 $12,000

John Broadwood & Sons square grand, London 1827-1828, Opus # 36022
; Key compass : FF- f4  73 keys @ 427; naturals of ivory with ebony sharps. Three octave measure 488~19 1/4", double strung throughout.  Single pedal for dampers. Instrument was professionally rebuilt in Boston in 2006 with recent structural work 2012. Fully playing instrument of sweet tone. 69" x 26" x 34". $12,500

#3517 HCH
Antique fortepiano by George Moore, 1813
.  Magnificent inlaid and crossbanded case.  Restored by Tim Hamilton

#3490 HCH
Fortepiano after Stein, built in the Zuckermann shop
for a professional player in 1992. Revoiced by Tim Hamilton in 2013. 61 notes, FF-f'''; double strung throughout; A=430. ( 85" x 38" ~ 6 1/4" octave) Lovely cherry veneer case; solid frame and paneled cherry lid; 5 turned and fluted legs. All in excellent condition. Includes padded moving cover. $18,000.

#3235 HCH AUDIO -
Fortepiano by Robert Smith 1984 after Koenicke
. FF-g"' @ 430 HZ. Double strung in bass, triple strung in treble. Knee levers for dampers and moderator; includes matching bench, custom padded cover and leg bag. Owned by a professional player. Excellent condition. $28000


The Gallery/ Antique Instruments

We are pleased to offer fine antique keyboard instruments for sale, backed by over 32 years of activity in the early keyboard field. With each instrument we will attempt to provide you with as detailed a provenance as possible. Please see our full listing of antique instruments.

Previous Offerings now sold:

English Bentside Spinet, 1731 by Krickhof

English Bentside Spinet by Keene n.d.

Semi-grand piano, 1839 by John Broadwood.

Italian Harpsichord, maker unknown, circa 1650 - 1720

Bentside Spinet by Longman & Broderip, 1785

Single manual harpsichord by Jacob Kirkman 1760

Single manual harpsichord by Vincenzo Sodi 1780

#2063 MA - Fortepiano by John Broadwood, 1800.

#2235 TX - Square piano by John Broadwood, 1804

#2556 Fortepiano my John Broadwood, 1795

#2857 Fortepiano by Carlo Arnoldi, late 1780's