The Complete List/ Pedal Harpsichords

#3451 HCH
Pedal harpsichord by Eric Herz
, 1966; 1 X 16',1 X 8', 1 X 4', range 32 notes C - g; concave / radiating with walnut casework; paired with a Herz double, 1969, 8', 8', 4', buff, with four pedals; FF - g'''. Photos show the instrument in its current condition. These two instruments will be completely rebuilt and refinished in our shop and available at a finished price of $20,000.

Pedal Harpsichord after Harass (Thuringia, Germany beginning XVIIIth century), built in Switzerland by Nicolas Macheret, 2000. The instrument consists of two separate instruments, each independently movable:
• a 2 manual harpsichord of 3 registers, 8', 8', 4, buff stop on lower manual, compass from FF to f''', copy of a original of Johann H.Harass, 1714, located in Sondershausen, Germany. 415Hz. The case is in beechwood identical to the original instrument; key-covering in ebony for naturals and cow bone for accidentals. Dogleg coupler. Brass stringing for the bass, and iron stringing from fa.
Case Dimensions:length- 2m49cm. width-1m00cm depth 30.5 cm
• pedal-harpsichord with 3 registers, 16' ,16’, 8'. 2 buff stops on Principal 16’ and 8’, from C to d', made after Adlung's description. Pedal-board copied after Silbermann. Wound strings for the first octave, then iron strings.
Case Dimensions: length- 2m52 cm. width-1m24cm depth 32cm.
Inst. With pedal-board attached. Length over all: 3m20 cm . full width with bench 1m36cm. Full height over all: 1m24cm.
The instrument has been entirely revised by David Ley in Därstetten, Switzerland. $42,000

The Complete List/ Clavichords

#3577 MA
Zuckermann Unfretted clavichord IV. GG - f'''. Double strung in brass. Cherry veneer. Reverse keyboard. Good playing condition. $1500.

#3565 CA
Unfretted clavichord, double strung FF-g"' with case of bird's eye maple with mahogany accents in modern design. Carefully crafted by an unknown builder; plastic naturals, mahogany sharps. Humidification system installed for greater stability. 24" x 69" x 6".  $2,200.

#3620 CT
Clavichord, Zuckermann 1st model, C-f’’’, 54 notes. Instrument is in CT. $2,500

#3375 CO
Clavichord by Sabathil & Son, 1967.54 notes, C - f'''. Unfretted. Metal framing for tuning stability. Good condition $2700

#3632 WA
Double-fretted clavichord, by Dan Rembold. C to e’’’ patterned after the 1766 Gottlieb Rosenau instrument in the MusikMuseet, Stockholm; satin ebony case finish; keyboard of cherry naturals and Vagias simulated ivory sharp tops. The tone and musical capabilities of this instrument equal or surpass other larger models.$3200. Seattle, WA

#3640 HCH Sale Pending
Zuckermann Hubert Clavichord, C-f’’’, 54 notes, C- d"' double fretted, boxwood naturals, fruitwood sharps, 51” x 14”, 48 lbs., $3,500

#3491 MA
Double fretted clavichord from an Carl Fudge kit, 1980's. C - g'''. A pretty Fudge clavichord, in cherry, reverse keyboard, turned legs. $3,750

#3539 HCH
Zuckermann King of Sweden clavichord
, triple-fretted : 45 notes, C/E-c’’’, short octave in bass.   Boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps. Solid mahogany case with a matching mahogany cabriole-leg stand, and a lined carrying case for easy transport.  Pretty moldings and paneled lid. Makes a small but very musical sound.  Excellent condition.

#3683 HCH
Clavichord by Goble and Son, 1979
. AA-e''' unfretted. Case in pretty figured walnut, includes listing board for greater dynamic range. A graceful Goble instrument, from its original owner, in outstanding condition. 16 x 48". $4,500

#3510 HCH
Clavichord "The Urbino Intarsia"
. A Clavichord designed from a wood inlay depiction in the Palace of the Duke of Urbino, Italy. A simple and charming clavichord. 40" x 12.5" $4200 USD

#3031 NL
Fretted clavichord after the anonymous c.1700 instrument in the Russell Collection, Edinburgh built in 2009 byTjeerd Bosklopper. CC/EE - c''', 45 notes, double strung with Malcolm Rose wire. Boxwood naturals, palisander sharps. Made of quartersawn oak, panelled lid. The soundboard of Swiss pine is lined with walnut profiles. Many lovely details. The stand is modelled after c. 1710 Berlin examples. Transport is very easy. A well-made shipping case is included. A fine instrument from a professional European builder. €4200

#3584 HCH
Clavichord by William Post Ross
. Op. 37, 1969. GG/BB-d''', unfretted in bass up to A, double fretted to g#'' (open d's & a's), triple fretted to d'''. Case in solid cherry. Divided bridge. A rare instrument from a respected Boston school builder, offered for sale by the original owner. 55.5" long x 19.25" to front of keyboard. $4500

#3539 HCH
Zuckermann King of Sweden clavichord
, triple-fretted : 45 notes, C/E-c’’’, short octave in bass.   Boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps. Solid mahogany case with a matching mahogany cabriole-leg stand, and a lined carrying case for easy transport.  Pretty moldings and paneled lid. Makes a small but very musical sound.  Excellent condition.

#3639 HCH

Unfretted clavichord  by Hugh Gough, 1967 –  FF-f”’at 415 Hz - double strung. (58" spine with 6 1/2" octave)  Case in walnut with boxwood and ebony keyboard.   $4800.

#3387 HCH
Clavichord by John Challis
of Detroit, Michigan, unfretted, 57 notes AA - f'''. Aluminum soundboard and metal framing for complete tuning stability. Reverse keyboard of ebony naturals, maple sharps; case veneered in walnut with a gold band on lid interior. Trestle stand with pretty turnings. Original owner, nicely maintained. $5000 

#3643 FL -

Clavichord by Thomas R.C. Goff and J.C. Cobbey, 1958. C-d’’’, Ebony and ivory keys, case of burl walnut inlaid on boxwood. Instrument is in FL.

#3540 UK
Unfretted Clavichord,#16, 1951, by Hugh Gough , 51 notes C-d'''. Gough was a pivotal figure in the early instrument revival. This is a beautiful looking and sounding clavichord from this important builder who formed the vital link between his teacher, Arnold Dolmetsch and Frank Hubbard, his pupil. In 2012 it was meticulously overhauled by the leading UK clavichord builder, Peter Bavington (re-strung in historic wire, re-voiced, re-listed etc). It now has very much the feel, responsiveness and tonal range of an historically-informed instrument while remaining very easy and rewarding to play.  The case is of English walnut figured at the front and there is a basic, removable stand if required. The tuning is remarkably stable. Dimensions including lid are: Length 114cm, Width 39.5cm, Height 14.5cm.  Located in London. $5400

#3617 WA
Fretted clavichord by Robert Duffy, 1983, rebuilt 2006. After Manuel Carmo, 1796. This is one of the rarely seen larger fretted instruments (double fretted from c) with a range of 61 notes, FF - f'''. Solid oak case. Includes listing board, which allows greater volume in bass while controlling the "bebung" or vibrato, so beloved by clavichord players. From a professional builder. $5500.

#2922 KS
Unfretted Clavichord by John Challis and signed by him on the soundboard. The keyboard of 57 notes (4-3/4 octaves) AA-f''' appears to have rosewood naturals with maple sharps. The soundboard is wood and there is a metal frame for maximum stability. The case is veneered in walnut with a gold band outlining the inside of the lid. The instrument is supported by a traditional turned stand, and the original padded cover is included. Dimensions are 59" x 16". This clavichord plays as new and its physical condition is quite fine. New pricing11/26: $5500/ offer.

#3501 NY
Clavichord by John Shortridge, 1970. Double fretted C-f"' with 4' strings from C-G.
After an anonymous ca. 1700 instrument in the Smithsonian Collection. Trestle stand. From a professional builder. Editor's note: This instrument came thru our shop some years back. It is an extraordinary instrument in sound and sight by a former director of the Smithsonian. $6500.

#3222 HCH
Clavichord by Robert Duffy, 2008
after the 16th-17th century instrument in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston bearing the name "Onesto Tosi". C/E - c''' forty five notes. Double fretted from d# to f#, triple fretted from g to the top c'''. Solid cherry case with a "false inner - outer" construction. Meticulous craftsmanship and detailing from this professional builder includes the small pull drawer in case front and stand with wedge and mortise construction, arcaded keyfronts , dovetailed case corners. $7000

#3408 HCH
Large unfretted clavichord,
professionally built by David Sumrell from Zuckermann parts. 61 notes: FF-f''', reverse keyboard with ebony naturals, bone-slipped sharps, and pearwood arcades, case and stand of Honduras mahogany; spruce soundboard. Length 64"; width 19"; depth of case 7". A fine large clavichord, suitable for the work of C.P.E. Bach and the later repertoire. $7500

#3050 HCH (shown above)
Fretted clavichord in 16th - early 17th century Italian style by Joel van Lennep, Boston
, 1969. GG/BB - d''' fretted as follows: GG/BB - A unfretted; a#- g'''# double fretted (d's& a's open) ; a'' - d''' triple fretted. Fretting set in meantone temperament. ( 62" x 20" - 6 1/4" octave) Strung in yellow brass throughout. This clavichord is based primarily on the instrument numbered "2", illustration XV in Praetorius' Theatrum Instrumentorum and the 1543 Pisaurensis clavichord in the Heyer Collection in Leipzeig. The five separate straight bridges are held in place by the downward pressure of the strings; the soundboard has a sloping midsection to allow for this. A separate soundboard runs under the keyboard. A true "inner-outer" instrument, the delicate inner case is cedar with full moldings, weighs less than 10 kg. / 22 lbs. The outer case is covered in grey Italian silk velvet, (62" x 20" ~ 6 1/4" octave) . Keyboard of ebony with rosewood sharps and arcaded fronts. Painted trestle strand. From the shop of a noted Boston School builder and former curator of musical instruments at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Includes tool kit and maintenance guide. $6500 as is. With additional shop work to include our 5 year warranty, $7,500.

#3215 AL
Large Unfretted after JA Hass (1763), by Dan Rembold, 2011.  FF-f’’’ (61 notes). Double-strung in yellow brass throughout, with a third string (4’ choir) for the lowest 20 notes, in low-tensile iron wire. This clavichord has substantial response, capable of bringing out the best in the performer and the music. 69 x 22 x 7.75 ". Ebony naturals / white-topped sharps. Tuned at A 415, capable of A440. Includes matching bench. $7,500.

#3402 HCH
Large unfretted clavichord by Eric Herz, 1979
. FF - e'''. Solid cherry case with matching cherry bench. Well cared for. A superb instrument in pristine condition from the noted Boston builder. $8900

#3606 HCH
Clavichord by John Challis, 1962, Opus #257
. GG - f''' 59 notes, double fretted in the top six notes only. Octave span 6.25", spine length 57.75", depth 16.5". Mahogany case with pretty inlaid stringing. Very stable.This is a classic large Challis clavichord in exceptionally fine condition. $10,000.

#3354 HCH
Clavichord by John Challis, #46-72
; 57 notes AA-f''', double fretted in top two notes only;( 58" x 16" ~ 6 1/4" octave) strung in brass and steel with a cast aluminum underframe for absolute structural and tonal stability; signed on the soundboard "John Challis Detroit Michigan"; pretty turned trestle stand, listing board for a greater dynamic range; from the hand of this important American builder, described as "the dean of American harpsichord makers" by Wolfgang Zuckermann; in fine condition. $12,500

#2529 HCH (shown above) Sold
Unfretted made by Chickering and Sons under the direction of Arnold Dolmetsch
, 1907, Boston; Opus 26, 61 Notes, FF-f’’’. Original dark green finish with lovely patina; turned trestle stand; excellent; with original stringing, keyboard, and case paint; reverse keyboard of ebony and ivory. This instrument is among the “unknown” instruments reported in Richard Troeger’s recent article: "The Dolmetsch/Chickering Clavichords and their Model”.
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