HCH 2363CA
Fortepiano by G. Hedrich/Guggenberger, Naples, Italy, circa 1820 / Hear an audio sample.(3.3MB)

FF - f'''' six octaves, A430: ivory naturals with ebony sharps; six pedals operating (from left to right) una corde, mute, bassoon, damper, moderator, percussion.

This instrument is quite similar to the pianos made by Conrad Graff in Vienna; located in the Teatro La Fenice in Venice and still being used backstage, this fortepiano was first restored in 1979 by Bartolomeo Formentelli in Pedemonte, Italy; it was acquired by the current owner in 1983, and additional restoration was performed by John Phillips;

In 1990, a major overhaul was performed by Paul Poletti; the instrument has had continuous professional maintenance and the Poletti restoration is documented on video; recordings available. $37,625 Other images below.