Single manual harpsichord by Jacob Kirkman, London 1760.

Walnut case, possibly crossbanded in burr Elm, shaped brass hinges, soundboard with gilt rose, brass hand stops, trestle stand with wooden castors,
2 x 8, 1 x 4, no pedals. Recorded in "Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord, 1440 to 1840" Boalch 2nd ed., page 87, No 11.

The instrument appears to be good overall condition excepting the base board as noted below. It was restored to playing condition in 1897 by Arnold Dolmetsch. However, the amount of work required seems on inspection to have been slight. At some time in the 1950's or l960's, the instrument was reported to have been in the workshop of Hubbard and Dowd. Around that time some of the of the bottom boards were replaced with plywood. In the early 1990's the instrument was in the workshop of Tim Hamilton of Boston where it was restrung in "Rose" wire, quilled with turkey and the plywood base replaced with pine. There were additional small repairs to the jacks and soundboard. Since that time the instrument has been in storage.

12/18/01 - This instrument has been sold.