#1954 CA
Bentside Spinet by Longman and Broderip, 1785.

Bentside Spinet by Longman and Broderip, 1785. Inscription (in ink on the nameboard): Longman and Broderip Musical Instrument Makers / 26 Cheapside and No. 13 Hay Market, London; (in ink on the back of the nameboard): Thos. Culliford Maker, Fountain Court Cheapside London March 1785; (a penciled signature of Culliford's workman on back of nameborad): J. Hansen No 276?.
Longman and Broderip were mainly instrument dealers (1776-1798) contracting with local craftsmen (Baker Harris and Thomas Culliford) to make instruments for them. A large number of spinets, and harpsichords carry their name.

Specification: 1 x 8' Compass: 60 notes: FF,GG-f"'- Keyboard: Ivory naturals, ebony sharps. Case is veneer with crossband and inlay. Jacks are nearly all original.

Remarks: The instrument is in a poor state of preservation with bridge broken free of glue joint in several areas, cracks and warpage to lid, and some wood-worm damage to the bottom at the bass end. Surveyed and cleaned by Robert Portillo of Los Angeles in 1997, a complete copy of his report is available.

HCH # 1954 offered at $18,500 usd
**3/03- Price lowered to $12,000 usd