Harpsichord by Vincenzo Sodi, Florence, 1780

One keyboard, FF-f'''. 8'8', the back 8' has original double tongue jacks (leather). The front 8' jacks have been replaced In excellent condition. Dimensions: length: 2385 mm width: 950 mm height: 240 mm

DOCUMENTED IN BOALCH and more recently by two prominent experts and listed in catalog No. 6 of Leopoldo Franciolini, this antique harpsichord by the Florentine builder Vincenzo Sodi is being offered through Harpsichord Clearing House. Built in 1780, this grand example of a late Italian harpsichord retains antique decoration, including a pastoral scene extending over the lid and flap interior, and, on the case exterior, an elaborate arabesque motif in red against a dark green background. The relationship between Sodi's work and that of Bartolomeo Cristofori is discussed by John Koster in the forthcoming Musique Images Instruments IV,1998. Koster's article for the New Grove notes that Sodi's "extant harpsichords, dated from 1778 to 1792, are in a thick-cased non-inner-outer style derived from that of Bartolomeo Cristofori. Two made in 1778 and 1780 have double tongue jacks with soft and hard leather plectra in the manner of the Cembalo Angelico..."

This instrument has been sold.

Original jacks from the Sodi harpsichord.