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Europe / Harpsichords, Double Manual

#3459 FRANCE
Ammer “Bach” Double n°948, ca. 1960; 61 notes, FF – f’’’; buff to 16’, buff to both 8’, and 8’, no buff on 4’ ; 5 pedals, quilled in delrin throughout; wooden jacks, oak veneered case. Owned and played by a professional harpsichordist. In Paris. $6000


Double manual harpsichord by Willem Jiskoot, 1971, F-g’’’,61 notes, 8’,8’,4’, buff, transposing, wooden jacks, very good condition. Instrument is in Portugal. €13.000.


#3950 GER
Double manual English harpsichord, copy of Couchet/Taskin 1783 by Michael Johnson, 1976. FF - f’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, wooden jacks, delrin plectra, decorated with gold banding and lid motto, includes cover. The instrument is in Germany. € 14,900.


Double by Pleyel, Paris, circa 1935. 61 notes FF – f'''. Seven pedals: Lower manual: 16', 8', 4' ; buff stop; coupler; upper manual: 8',8' nasale. Ivory keys, beautiful figured mahogany case. Excellent condition. In Brussels. 17.000 €.


#4087 France
Double manual harpsichord after Dumont 1708, by Dominique Laperle, 1999. 8’, 8’, 4’, FF - f’’’, keys in bone and ivory, transposing A415/A440, Painting made by M. Delhaye,  Louis XVI stand, Louis XVI sitting stool. Gilding moldings, on base, feet and top decoration in 23k gold. The instrument is in Paris. €


#3778 BEL
Double manual harpsichord after Ioannes Bull 1778, built by Ivan de Halleux (belgian factor) in 1977. FF-f’’’, 61 notes, 8’, 8’, 4’, peau de buffle, nasal, decorated soundboard, length 264 cm. The instrument is in Belgium. 30.000 EUR


Europe / Harpsichords, Single Manual


#3985 NL Sold
Single manual Flemish harpsichord by Roeland Middelkoop, circa 1990. FF - f’’’, 8’, 8’, buff, wooden jacks. Well maintained, the instrument is in Tilburg, The Netherlands. € 3,800,00.


#3765 Poland
Italian after Giovanni Celestini 1605, built in 2014 by Michal Koszel. The instrument is brand new. 8' ,8’, FF-f''', 60 notes, transposition for 415/440 Hz. Keyboard made of black oak and sycamore, case is made in cherry wood, soundboard - spruce wood. Wooden jacks, made of pear wood. The instrument is in Poland. Price: €8500.


#4211 Spain
Single manual Italian style harpsichord, by Jim Hall, 2018, Barcelonia, GG/BB (with two spit sharps) - c ''', 8’, 8’, transposable A415/A440, wooden jacks, painted case, gold banding, brass hinges by David Law, two piece turned leg stand. (202cm x 80cm) The instrument is in Spain. €17,500


#3750 Germany
Single manual Harpsichord after the instrument of Michael Mietke in the castle of Charlottenburg (Berlin) about 1700  copy by Berlin Baroque, 2004. constructors: Gerhard Oppelt / Paul-Heinrich Schade / Jürgen Halwaß. FF/GG-e”’  8’8’ Transposing 392/415The instrument sits on a balustrade stand of seven legs.  Ornament and borders are painted in orange and ochre with rubbed gold leaf.  221 cm  x 88 cm width.  Keyboard height is 790 mm. €26,500.

#3751 Germany
A second identical instrument is available with a simpler decoration.  €21.500.


Europe / Virginals & Spinets


#4196 Italy
Spinet Virginal by Marco Brighenti, 2015, after 1599 I. Ruckers. C - c ‘’’, transposing A415 - A440, Key naturals are capped with bone, sharps are ebony, arcades are pierced parchment on red cardboard. Decorated with Ruckers papers, soundboard painting, lid painting. Case exterior is marbled, turned leg trestle stand. (dimensions: 175 x 49 x 24,5 cm) The instrument is in Italy. +iva”. (22%) € 12.500


Europe / Fortepianos


#3534 BELGIUM Sold
Fortepiano after Stein by Koen Vermijen, FF- F'''tuned at 430, Viennese action with two knee levers, dampers on right, moderator on left, double strung throughout; includes padded cover made especially for the instrument by Vogel-Scheer. Completely revised by professional fortepiano maker. Located in Brussels, Belgium. €12.000


Historic Square Piano (Christopher Ganer, UK, late 18th century), in very good historically restored condition. FF - f’’’, 2-course throughout. 2 registers (damper suspension, lute), A 1 400 Hz.-tuning. The instrument is in Germany. € 12,500.


#4023 ITALY
Square piano by John Broadwood, 1786. One of the earliest Broadwood square pianos available; Broadwood began building square pianos just 15 years earlier.  Restored to full playing condition by the "Laboratorio di Restauro del Fortepiano" in Florence. FF - f’’’, 61 notes.  The dampers function from underneath the strings, which was an original patented design by Broadwood. This piano has been used for recordings, concerts, and recitals. An exceptional opportunity.   Asking price: 13.500€


#3490 HCH

Fortepiano after Stein, built in the Zuckermann shop (USA) for a professional player in 1992. Revoiced by Tim Hamilton in 2013. 61 notes, FF-f'''; double strung throughout; A=430. ( 85" x 38" ~ 6 1/4" octave) Lovely cherry veneer case; solid frame and paneled cherry lid; 5 turned and fluted legs. All in excellent condition. Includes padded moving cover. $18,000.
usd (plus transport ). In our Boston gallery.


Europe / Clavichords


#4027 ITALY
Clavichord by Hugh Gough, 5 octaves, unfretted, restrung in 2017, tuning pins have been replaced, the listing has been redone, and the tangents regulated, case and the walnut veneer are both in good condition. The instrument is in Modena, Italy. 6500€


#3951 GER
Clavichord, copy of 17th and 18th century German instrument, by Carl Fudge (US) 1986, E – c’’’ (may be tuned C/E - c’’’ short octave), double fretted, custom-built, natural cherry finish, hand carved keys, lined cover. The instrument is in Germany. € 7,000



Europe / Organs


Regal , C-c’’’, 8’, original reed pipes restored, 1680 - 1700, inscriptions on the pipes from Northern Germany. The reconstruction of this instrument with historical pipes was made by Hans Brink, Dutch organ builder, who made also the cimbel register of cypresswood. The electrical wind supply was made at Arend, organ builders in Leer, Germany. Cimbel 1/2 feet. €19.000.


Continuo pipe organ / positive pipe organ 

A manual portable continuo/positive pipe organ in European oak case with 432 European oak pipes/ 7 + stops. Manual compass:  54 keys C-f"' (keys are hardwood naturals, ivory topped sharps). Transposing 415/440.  European oak case with removable decorative doors. Builder: Peter Hammingh, building year 2004. In the Netherlands.
Manual Specification
Bas (7 pistons)- Stopped 8'-/ Flute 4' -/ Octave 2' -/ Quint 1(1/3)  -/ Mixture 1’+octave 1/2’--2/3’  * -/ Cromhorne
Discant (7 pistons)- stopped 8' -/ Flute 4' - Octave 2' -/ Sesquialter  2(2/3) - 1(3/5) *-/ Mixture 1(1/3) + Octave 1’ *-/ Principal 4’-/ Cromhorne   (* pistons have three positions: one/two/whole)
Dimensions:  Case height: 102 cm or 40 inches;/ Case depth: 60 cm or 24 inches;
Case width: 120 cm or 47 inches; / Organ weight: about 140 kg or 310 lbs
A popular continuo organ, the organ is in perfect condition and in professional use .  It would be perfect for an ancillary chapel and is a splendid orchestral continuo instrument. It is a fine practice instrument for home, school, or studio. -  Previously built organs from Mr. Hammingh are placed in the Johannes church in Heerde The Netherlands, and in the Avila Dom Spain. 
Price: € 19.500.


Chamber organ; pipes, windchest, bellows and keyboard probably by Knipscheer 1865. A pedal operates the feeder bellows (detail) . Keyboards: Ivory naturals, ebony sharps; range C - f''' - Holpijp 8’ bass/treble, Fluit 4’ bass/treble, Prestant 8’ treble, Viool 8’ treble, Octaaf 4’ treble, Fluit 1’ basso
€ 20.000,00


Two Manual & Pedal Practice Organ by Kenneth Jones 2014.

Suitable for home or teaching Institution, this is a small practice organ specifically designed to fit into a small music facility or room or studio. It takes up no more than the space of an upright piano, except for the detachable pedal. It has full pedal (radiating) of 30 notes up to F and two manuals (C-g"'). Each manual and the pedal has one 8 ft stop, so the organ has three 8 ft stops of different character. The lowest octave is shared among the three, yet they are mechanically independent. The top lid is adjustable to allow differentiation of volume and the front panel can be opened for tuning or if a louder sound is required. Adjustable stool. The stops are different in character and the lower manual offers a slightly more powerful intonation in the treble to allow 'solo' play. Playing a trio sonata you will hear the independent voices very well. The overall sound is pleasant, gentle and warm; this means it doesn't tire the ear nor the other inhabitants of the home. Case dimensions: Height 222 cm; Width (case) 166 cm (plus 35 cm for blower box on bottom right side); Depth 45 cm. Located in Wicklow, Ireland. € 25,500 Euros



Chamber / Continuo Organ with two manuals and pedals by Witteveen Organ Builder The Netherlands (Dec. 2017)

C - f''' keyboard, pedals C - d'
Lower manual:
Principal 8(C-e0 from Gedekt 8), Gedekt 8, Chimneyflute 4, Quint 2 2/3 treble, Principal 2
Upper manual: Gedekt 8(from man1), Stopped Flute 4, Regaal 8
Pedals: Basson 16(reservation), Situated in the organ bench

Couplers: P-Man 1 and Man 1-2

Dimensions: Wide 116cm, Deep 59cm, High 100cm. Weight: about 105 Kg
Euro 45,000 excl. VAT/Transport costs.
Extra: Basson 16, Euro 7,800. This is a Reed stop with a very nice round sound situated in the organ bench.