The Complete List / Antique Instruments

We are pleased to offer the following antique keyboard instruments for sale, backed by over 32 years of activity in the early keyboard field. With each instrument we will attempt to provide you with as detailed a provenance as possible.


#4239 MS
Square piano by Robert & William Nunns, circa 1830’s, FF - f4, 73 keys, two pedals. The instrument went through an extensive restoraton in 2005. The instrument is in MS. $5,500.


#4061 WA
Broadwood Bichord Cottage, Semi Grand Fortepiano 1843, #450. 73 keys. Tuned at 415. All keys, hammers and dampers are in working, playing condition with a recent professional adjustment. Rosewood veneers. Hammer felts and leathers are original. (7’ 4" inches x 4’) Comes with tuning wrench. Located in Greater Seattle area. Asking$8,000.00 $6,500.00 OBO.

#3768 MN
Fortepiano by Garka, FF-f’’’, 61 notes, This handsomely inlaid and painted square piano was made by George Garcka in London dated 1790. It was restored by B.W.M.Benn in 1970. Nearly all parts and strings are original. The soundboard was replaced. It has 5 octaves FF-f”’, currently tuned to A-390, two handstops for sustain and buff. The original lock key still has a tag: “Inlaid Spinet W. Stebbins.” The lid bears a painting: “the Judgment of Paris” in the style of Angelica Kaufmann. The instrument is in MN, delivery possible. $9,000.


#3894 MA
Chickering Square Piano in Rosewood, likely built around the 1850’s. Seven octave, C-C, Cabriole legs, in mint condition, with perfect ivories and a rosewood case. This is a rare and valuable piece either as a musical instrument, a piece of furniture, or a work of art. The instrument is in MA. $10,000.


#3351 HCH Sold

John Broadwood & Sons square grand, London 1827-1828, Opus # 36022
; Key compass : FF- f4  73 keys @ 415; naturals of ivory with ebony sharps. Three octave measure 488~19 1/4", double strung throughout.  Single pedal for dampers. Instrument was professionally rebuilt in Boston  in 2006 with recent structural work 2012. Fully playing instrument of sweet tone. 69" x 26" x 34".


#4023 ITALY
Square piano by John Broadwood, 1786. One of the earliest Broadwood square pianos available; Broadwood began building square pianos just 15 years earlier.  Restored to full playing condition by the "Laboratorio di Restauro del Fortepiano" in Florence. FF - f’’’, 61 notes.  The dampers function from underneath the strings, which was an original patented design by Broadwood. This piano has been used for recordings, concerts, and recitals. An exceptional opportunity.   Asking price: 13.500€


#3644 CAN
Square Piano, by Bennett of Russell Square, London England, 1839. FF-f’’’. Dimensions: 34 inches high, 68 inches long, 26 inches wide. Used in CBC broadcasts as well as recitals in Florida, the case of the square piano is solid English walnut. The legs are elegant, and the damper pedal is operated from the knee. The touch is even and the tone is a beautiful example of the early 19th century fortepianos.The pins, strings and soundboard have been replaced and restored by Gene Lukensmeyer (Mt. Dora, Florida). The strings are lighter than the original in order to place less stress on the frame.The instrument includes the original tuning key, and postcard with references to the strings and tuning by Charles N. Wilson.  Excellent playing condition. Instrument is in B.C., Canada. $14,500.


#3571 MA
Antique square piano, German, maker unknown, circa 1780 . FF-f'''. Case of quarter sawn oak recovered (c. 1790) with mahogany veneer. Ebony / ivory keyboard . Professionally restored by Tim Hamilton, Boston, 2006. $15,000.


#3517 HCH
Antique fortepiano by George Moore, 1813
.  Magnificent inlaid and crossbanded case.  Restored by Tim Hamilton


#4018 HCH

Antique English Bentside spinet by Jacob Kirckman, London, 1750.  Single set of 8' strings. Completely restored with care to preserve originality.  Original stand in the style of William and Mary. Original keyboard and action with jacks quilled in Canadian goose. Correct Graham Walker wool action cloth.  Instrument has been restrung in an historically accurate scale with Malcolm Rose English brass and iron. Range FF, GG - f''' pitched at A415.  78" across the spine.  The instrument is in excellent playing condition and hold its tune quite well. Our understanding is that the instrument has been in the same family in America since 1800. Truly a rare opportunity to own a fine example from the renowned Kirckman workshop. $35,000.




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