The Complete List/ Harpsichords, Double Manual


#3906 NY
Neupert Cristofori double manual harpsichord, CC - f’’’, 16’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, manual coupler, 5 pedals, 2 hand stops. (72” x 38”) The instrument is in NY. $2,500.


#4066 NH
Wittmayer double manual harpsichord, “Scarlatti”, early 1960’s, C - f ’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff. (67” x 40 1/2”) The instrument is in NH. $2,500.


#3144 SC
Sperrhake Double, 1960's, 16', 8', 8', 4', individual buff stops on the 16', 8', 8'. FF - g''' 63 notes non transposing. Includes padded cover. $6000. $3,500.


#3995 WI
Wittmayer Chambonnieres, double manual harpsichord, Serial #1462; built in 1959, FF - f''', 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, Manual coupler (shove-in upper manual to add 8”), pedals and pedal coupler, Circassian Walnut case - matched bookends, Last professional servicing May 2016, leather plectra replaced by Delrin in 1998, all strings replaced in 2015. (92” x 45 1/2”) Includes: extra strings, tuning key, original documents by builder and all subsequent repair documents, concert matching padded stool, canvas dust cover with fabric extension to floor on all sides, and a rolling damp chaser system for climate control underneath. The instrument is in WI. $4,500.


#3861 WA
Neupert “Handel” double manual harpsichord, FF-f’’’, 16’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, coupler, five pedals. (93” x 41 ¾”) Good condition; plays well, with all pedals and lute stop functioning properly; good cosmetic condition The instrument is in WA. $3,500.


#3273 MI
Dolmetsch double circa 1952; FF - f''' 61 notes; 8', 8', 4', buff; 6 pedals, four sets of jacks so that the front 8' can be plucked with either plastic or leather plectra. Pretty inlay and veneer on case, fine brass strap hinges; structurally sound, needs regulation. $6,000 $4,500


#3905 CA
Neupert double manual harpsichord, C - f’’’, 5 pedals, 16’, 8’, 8’, 4’, (72L x 37W) The instrument is in CA. $4,500.


#3829 CAN
Sabathil and Son Concerto I double manual harpsichord, 1976, FF-f’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’. The instrument is in Ontario, Canada. $4,500


#4051 GA
Hubbard French double manual harpsichord, 1973, FF - g''', 8', 8', 4', Walnut case.  Reverse keyboard with ebony naturals, bone topped sharps. Louis XVI style legs. Last serviced February 2018. $4,900


#3459 FRANCE
Ammer “Bach” Double n°948, ca. 1960; 61 notes, FF – f’’’; buff to 16’, buff to both 8’, and 8’, no buff on 4’ ; 5 pedals, quilled in delrin throughout; wooden jacks, oak veneered case. Owned and played by a professional harpsichordist. In Paris. $6000


#3802 CA
Sabathil and Son Concerto I double manual harpsichord, 1973, opus 1834, FF-f’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, last serviced in 2012. The instrument is in California. $6,000.


#3803 CA
Neupert “Bach” double manual harpsichord, 1968, FF-g’’’, 16’, 8’, 8’, 4’. Case is rosewood. Last serviced in 2000. he instrument is in California. $6,000.


#3958 CAN
Neupert double manual harpsichord Couperin, #22622, C - f’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, pedals, plastic jacks with leather plectra, (72” x 38”). Excellent condition, professionally tuned in 2016. The instrument is located in BC, Canada. can $6,500.


#3497 CA
Neupert "Scarlatti" double,  S/N 15642 approx. mid-1960's. 61 notes, FF-f'''. 16', 8', 4', Lute, four pedals. Overall length 7'10". Walnut veneer shows some wear. Reverse keyboard shows little wear. Stable, action works well; in Southern California. $6,500


#3940 PA
John Challis double manual harpsichord, opus 396, 1982, 16’, 8’, 4’, GG - g’’’, 6 pedals, (83” x 39”) This instrument is from the collection of Temple Painter, well-known concert artist who appeared with the NY Phil/ Philadelphia Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia. The instrument is in PA. $6,500.


#3692 DE
Hubbard French double manual harpsichord built by Bruce Cohen 1978, GG-g’’’, 8’,8’,4’, buff, four piece trestle stand. Strings were serviced by Kevin Freer on February 2014, last tuned May, 2014. One owner. Instrument is in Delaware. $8,000.


#4050 HCH Sold
Hubbard double manual kit built by John Nargesian circa 1980. 8', 8’, 4’, buff; FF - f'''; transposing A415/440; Mahogany veneered case with oil finish; trestle stand. Very good condition. (92” x 38”, 6 1/4” octave) Includes padded cover and adjustable chair. $8,900.


#3730 MA
Challis double manual harpsichord, opus 55, 1945, 5 octaves, FF-f’’’, upper manual 1 x 8’, buff and half stops, lower manual 1 x 16”, 2 x 8”, buff, 1 x 4’, 96”, seven pedals, a classic Challis with aluminum frame and wooden sound board. Option to have HCH rebuild the instrument. $12,000.


#3897 HCH

Hubbard French double 1977.  FF - f”’, transposing.  8’, 8’, 4’ , buff. Rebuilding by HCH for spring 2017.  Walnut case.  Reverse keyboard with ebony naturals, bone topped sharps. New voicing and regulation throughout. (91 3/4’’ L  X  37 3/4’’ W.) $12,500.


#3987 CO
French double manual harpsichord by Stewart Kull, 2004, after Pascal Taskin and Francois Blanchet, Paris 1769, FF - f’''', buff, 8’, 8’, 4’, last serviced in May 2016. Includes cover and bench. The instrument is in CO. $12,500.  


#3385 MN
French double by Earl Russell, 1983. 63 notes, FF-g''' 8', 8', 4', buff, transposing 415/440. Walnut case with attractive inlays. Some external case damage, repaired by the builder. Big, resonant sound as expected from this well-respected harpsichord maker. $12,900


Double manual harpsichord by Willem Jiskoot, 1971, F-g’’’,61 notes, 8’,8’,4’, buff, transposing, wooden jacks, very good condition. Instrument is in Portugal. €13.000.


#3376 MA
Pleyel Harpsichord, 1963 . FF-f''' with all registers and manual coupler operated by seven pedals.This is one of the last harpsichords to be produced by Pleyel, and probably the last to be specially constructed with negative-action pedals. Aside from that, it has the standard disposition of 16', 8', 4' on the lower manual, with the front 8', nasale and lute stops on the upper manual. The case needs some cosmetic attention, but the interior appears clean and new. Needs restoration. $13,500.


#4057 DE
Zuckermann Flemish double manual harpsichord, by Steven Jones, 1987, Huntsville, AL, for the Huntsville symphony orchestra, worked on in the HCH shop, 2008. 8' , 8', 4' , buff. 56 notes, GG-d’’’, transposing. Flemish decoration includes red case exterior with gold bands, papered interior, gilded moldings, painted soundboard and turned oak stand. $14,500.


#4007 HCH

Flemish double manual harpsichord by Peter Sykes, 1986/87. GG - d’’’,  8’, 8’, 4’, buff, transposing A415/A440. Bone keyboard of 56 notes plus 1. 6 1/4" octave, wooden jacks with delrin plectra. Fully decorated soundboard by Catherine Way, Lid motto and arabesques,  Zuckermann rose, handsome visual to the entire instrument.Turned led trestle stand. ( 87" X 34", 6 1/4" Octave) Lowest key of upper manual marked "Peter Sykes, September 1986". $14,500


#3997 ID
Flemish double manual harpsichord, by David Tacher from Zuckermann kit, 2005, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, GG - d’’’, red case with gold banding, turned leg trestle stand, painted soundboard. Instrument serviced regularly and in excellent working condition. The instrument is in ID. $15,000.


#4002 HCH Sold
Hill and Tyre double manual concert harpsichord,  FF - g''', 8', 8', 4', coupler. Black exterior with brick red interior.  Requilled by Keith Hill in 2008.  (96 1/2" x 38 3/4", 6 1/4" octave) Now in our Gallery. $16,500.00 includes free shipping and insurance


#3976 MA
Flemish double manual harpsichord by Peter Fisk 2010, GG - d’’’, 8’. 8’. 4’, buff, transposing A415/A440, wooden jacks, decorated with marbled case, Flemish papers, Latin mottoes, oak stand with matching music desk and lid stick. Instrument has had good professional use. The instrument is in the Boston area. $16,500.


Double by Pleyel, Paris, circa 1935. 61 notes FF – f'''. Seven pedals: Lower manual: 16', 8', 4' ; buff stop; coupler; upper manual: 8',8' nasale. Ivory keys, beautiful figured mahogany case. Excellent condition. In Brussels. 17000 €.


#4010 HCH
Eric Herz French double manual harpsichord, 1984, opus 406, FF - g’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, coupler, transposing, cherry case with strap hinges, four piece trestle stand. (95” x 38”, 6 1/4” octave) $18,000.



#4038 KS
Eric Herz German double manual harpsichord, Model F, 1974, FF-g’’’, transposing, with six pedals. 16’, 8’, 8’, 4’, nasale, buff. Natural keys are ebony with bone sharps. Separate soundboard for the 16’, affording powerful amplitude. Casework features sumptuous inlays and rarely-encountered slanted cheeks. Length is 108”. Renovation with expert repair to extreme treble soundboard crack by HCH. The casework is in excellent condition and the harpsichord is concert-ready. Includes matching bench and fitted canvas shipping cover. The instrument is in Kansas. $18,500.00.


#3991 HCH

French double by Bizzi, 2003. 61 notes FF - f’’’ transposing. 8’, 8’, 4’, buff. A fully decorated instrument with painted soundboard, case and lid painting to complement the handsome carved and gilded Louis XVI stand. Includes padded cover for instrument and for stand, matching bench. $19,000.


#3556 HCH

French double by William Dowd, Opus 81, 1965.. FF - f''', transposing 415/440. 8', 8', 4', buff. Built by the Dean of American harpsichord building, this instrument was formerly owned by the New York City Opera. It is a French style instrument (Taskin) in a handsome case with English style brass hardware, reverse keyboards with arcaded keyfronts, on a trestle stand. It was upgraded with new registers and jacks by the Dowd shop in 1978. Includes a custom padded cover. A fine example from a preeminent American builder. Complete rebuild in the HCH shop 2016. $22,500. $19,500.


#4034 CA
French double manual harpsichord by Robert Greenberg, 1979 after Stehlin, 8', 8', 4', buff stop, FF - F''', 61 notes, transposing A415/A440;  forest green painted case with cream interior, ebony naturals with bone topped sharps, stand in the style of Louis XVI; gilt bands and moldings throughout. Revoiced and requilled by Harpsichord Clearing House in 2006. Instrument has been maintained and holds its tune well. The instrument is in CA. $20,500.00.


#3982 HCH
Zuckermann French style double manual harpsichord, after Taskn, built in the Zuckermann shop, 2002, FF-g’’’, transposing 415, 440, 8’, 8’, 4’, black case, vermillion lid interior, gold bands, Flemish papers, professionally serviced in 2015. $ 22,000.


#3947 HCH
Flemish double manual harpsichord by Peter Fisk, 2017, GG - d’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, transposing, wooden jacks, decorated with Flemish papers, red case with gold bands, turned leg trestle stand. (87” x 34”, 6 1/4” octave) includes padded cover and complete tool kit. $22,000. $19,800.


#3917 HCH
Sale Pending

Double manual harpsichord, in the French style, Louis XVI, 8’, 8’, 4’, FF - f’’’, buff, transposing A392/A415/A440, full compass at all pitches, painted soundboard, lid painting. Exceptional robust singing sound. Completely rebuilt by HCH 2017. (92” x 38”, 6 1/4” octave) $20,000.


#3911 HCH

Flemish double by Roberts & Brazier now being rebuilt at HCH, 2017. 8', 8', 4', buff, 56 notes, transposing A415 - GG-d’’’, A440 - (loss of top note) GG-c’’’. Delrin jacks, keyboards of bone with ebony sharps, stamped leather arcades. Painted soundboard in Flemish style, double stretcher baroque stand with turned legs. Includes padded cover. (87” x 33”, 6 1/4” octave) $22,000.


#3842 HCH

Flemish Double Manual Harpsichord, by Dana Ciul, 2011, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, GG-d’’’, 56 notes, transposing A415/A440, reverse keyboards of ebony naturals and bone-capped sharps, delrin jacks, celcon quills, with lid stick, music desk and turned stand of premium grade oak. $22,000.


#3598 CA
Flemish double by Ron Haas, 1989, 8', 8', 4', buff; GG to d''' transposing. Lovely raised relief Chinoiserie decoration inside and out, with MacTaggart hand printed Flemish papers and full decoration on soundboard. In excellent shape, single owner, rarely moved. $22,000


#4064 HCH
Double manual harpsichord custom built by Adam Decker and Jacob Kaeser, 2004, FF - g’’’, transposing, 8’,8’, 4’, buff, wooden jacks, Flemish papers, lid motto, painted soundboard, case in birdseye maple, turned leg trestle stand. The instrument is in NY. $22,000.


#3889 CT
Double manual harpsichord by Rutkowski & Robinette, Opus 61, 1990, FF-f’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, transposing A-415 and A-440, manual coupler, casework of figured hardwoods with polished oil finish, sturdy trestle stand with casters, includes padded cover and tool kit. Measures 7' 9" x 36" at keyboard. Action meticulously designed. Exceptionally precise, responsive and reliable. Regulation minimal and seldom needed, e.g. occasional replacement broken string or plectrum (quill). Pitch exceptionally stable that eliminates constant tuning. (At present it has remained pretty much in tune for six months!) Last, but not least, the instrument has a beautiful and robust sound with excellent sustaining power that projects well in any acoustical setting. The instrument is in CT. $22,500.


#3739 HCH

Double manual harpsichord by Robert Duffy, 2015, in the 17th Century French style; range GG - d''', transposing A415A440; with ebony naturals and light colored sharps; case painted black with vermillion interior; all brass stringing, 8', 8', 4', buff; parchment "wedding cake rose"; painted soundboard, turned stand, padded cover. dimensions 85" x 34". $24,000.


#3898 HCH

Hemsch Double manual harpsichord by Ernest Miller, 2016, FF-e’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, transposing A415/A440, Louis XV cabriole table stand, painted soundboard, matching bench. (93.68" x 37.46”, 6 1/2” octave) $24,000. OBO.


#4008 RI - New Instrument!
French double manual harpsichord by Peter Fisk, 2017, FF - f’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, shove coupler, buff, transposing A 415, A440, wooden jacks, black celcon plectra, green with gold banding, painted hardwood turned leg trestle stand. Fisk writes that the instrument is "very much within William Hyman's understanding of the 18th century French tradition." Includes padded cover and complete tool kit. The instrument is in RI. $25,000


#3638 HCH

Double manual after Christian Zell 1728 by Carl Fudge,   Opus 26, 1976.   FF-d"' with three choirs of 
8'8'4' and buff. (96" spine with 6 1/4" octave) @ 415 HZ. -not transposing.  Painted case and 
full Zell copy stand.  Fully painted board after the original instrument probably by Sheridan Germann (Boston). Instrument has been well maintained.  $25,000.


#4040 ITALY
Double manual harpsichord by Marco Brighenti, 2016, after Henry Hemsch 1736. 8’, 8’, 4’ , buff, FF - e’’’, Black with gold leaf banding, Louis XV style stand with carved an gilded legs. The instrument is in Italy. 29000€.


#3778 BEL
Double manual harpsichord after Ioannes Bull 1778, built by Ivan de Halleux (belgian factor) in 1977. FF-f’’’, 61 notes, 8’, 8’, 4’, peau de buffle, nasal, decorated soundboard, length 264 cm. The instrument is in Belgium. 30.000 EUR