The Complete List/ Pedal Harpsichords

4303  MN    
Eric  Herz Pedal harpsichord ~~ Four stops: 16' 8' 8' 4' with louvers over pedal unit. Full AGO radiating pedalboard. Currently matched with #4302 Eric Herz Model F ( listed separately under "double manual" . Excellent condition.


The Complete List/

#4314 MA
~ Sold ~
Zuckermann Clavichord 1970's. Unfretted, single strung instrument. C-f"'. Excellent condition with pristine mahogany case. Instrument located in Boston, Massachusetts. $950.

#4298 MI
Zuckermann King of Sweden clavichord, 1980, fretted, double strung, 45 notes C/E-c "'. Short octave bass. Solid cherry case, keyboard of boxwood/ebony. Matching cherry cabriole stand and bench. $3,000.


#4223 NC
~ Sold ~
Clavichord, double fretted, beautifully constructed by Carl Fudge, 1982, after Hubert 1792, 56 note C-g"', cherry case with stand. (55” x 14”) A performing instrument by a master craftsman. The instrument is in NC. $6,250. $4,500.

#4207 HCH

Zuckermann King of Sweden clavichord by Kevin Spindler, 1988, double fretted, 45 notes, C/E - c ’’’, short octave in base, boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps, painted soundboard, solid mahogany case. includes padded cover and hard case. (40” x 12” x 4 1/2”) $4,500.


#4000 HCH
Clavichord, by Joel R. van Lennep, 1972, /HCH 2018 after typical 16th century instruments by Pisaurensis. C/E short octave. with split sharps. Twenty two pairs of strings for forty five keys; lowest octave unfretted; double fretted throughout with open D's and A's ( 42” x 15”, 15lbs) Case covered in green velvet fabric. $5,500.


#4227 HCH
~ Sold ~
Clavichord after Hubert from Zuckermann parts. (double fretted with open A and D) C - d ‘’’, 51 notes, case and stand in cherry with keyboard of boxwood and pear sharps.  (50 1/2” x 14 1/2”, 6 1/4” octave) Rebuild by HCH this fall.    Shipping crate included.  $6,400.

#4311 Portugal
Clavichord by Rafael Marijuan (Spain, 2019). Based on C.G.Hubert, Ansbach, 1784.  Double Fretted C-f"', with open d & a. Case in cherry. Listing price of €5.500
. >>video of instrument:


#4205 CA
Clavichord by Ron Haas, opus 25, after a mid 18th century German model, FF - f ‘’’, 61 notes, Single fretted and double strung with zither style tuning pins. Reverse keyboard with carved arcades in boxwood. Stained naturals, unstained sharps. Beautiful case a two piece lid and a built in music desk that holds the lid open. The case also has a number of compartments for storing accessories and sheet music. The legs are not detachable. Includes a padded stool. The instrument is in CA. $7,000.


#4254 HCH
Sold ~
Challis clavichord, 1972, opus 348, GG - f ‘’’, 59 notes, @440, aluminum sound board with rose, walnut case with inlay, decorative brass hardware, and motto inside lid, four piece tapered leg stand. (58” x 17” x 5 3/4”, 6 1/4” octave) $7,900.


#4193 HCH
~ Sold ~
Unfretted clavichord by Douglas Maple, 2008, FF - f ‘’’, 61 notes, walnut case, removable tapered legs with casters. (54” x 19”, 6 1/4” octave) $7,900.


#4172 HCH
Sale Pending
Clavichord after Hubert, 1789, by Gary Blaise, 1998, double fretted, C - f’’’, 54 notes, boxwood naturals, ebony sharps, beautiful solid cherry case with exposed dovetails, detachable tapered legs, two piece lid with built in music desk. (58 1/2” x 14 1/2” x 6”, 43 lbs., 6 1/4” octave) $12,900 $9,900


#4189 HCH
Clavichord, Zuckermann kit built by Victor Mio, unfretted, FF - f ‘’’, 61 notes, ebony naturals, white capped sharps, beautiful cherry case, apron stand with four detachable turned legs, Handmade Brazilian paper in keywell and lid. (65” x 19 1/2”, 6 1/4” octave). includes padded cover. $10,000.


#4320 / CA / Bay Area

Clavichord after Lindholm-Söderström, made by Andrew Lagerquist (Opus 10) in 2010. 5 1/2 octaves, double-strung (with added 4' in bass FF-A), unfretted, FF to c’’’’. Pitched at a'=420. Beautifully dovetailed case joints. Action is well-balanced, well-proportioned and easy to play; keytails are leathered and ride between wood guide ribs. Great for any music, and of course a magnificent instrument for CPE Bach and Haydn owing to the enormous soundboard area, it's capable of high decibels for a clavichord. Case 81" L X 24" W X 8.25" D inclusive of lid, keyboard height 30" from floor. Legs unthread for transport. $12,000.