The Complete List/ Pedal Harpsichords


#4157 PA
Pedal harpsichord by D. Jacques Way, Stonington, CT, 1990, C - d, 27 notes, 16’, 8’, pitch is A440. Includes solid walnut stand to accommodate any size harpsichord (not shown). The instrument is in PA. $3,950.


The Complete List/ Clavichords


#4067 NH
Wittmayer clavichord, “Salzburg” , C - f ’’’, double strung. (49 1/2” x 16 1/2”) The instrument is in NH. $2,000.



#4127 TX Sale Pending
Zuckermann clavichord, 1965, opus 186. C - f’’’, 54 notes, boxwood naturals, ebony sharps, decorated with papers, painted soundboard, tapered legs. The instrument is in TX. $1,000.


#4156 CO
Zuckerman triple-fretted clavichord, "King of Sweden" model, kit built by Charles Schweigert, 1985. 45 notes; C/E-c’’’, solid mahogany case and stand, strung in brass, boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps. The instrument is in CO. $2,800.00 


#4046 TX
Zuckermann King of Sweden Fretted Clavichord. This is a newly built instrument, perfect condition. 45 notes, C/E - c’’’, with two strings per note, short bass octave. It has a cherry case with boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps. There is a matching stand also of cherry with turned legs. Located in Texas. $3,500.


#3539 HCH
Zuckermann King of Sweden clavichord
, triple-fretted : 45 notes, C/E-c’’’, short octave in bass.   Boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps. Solid mahogany case with a matching mahogany cabriole-leg stand, and a lined carrying case for easy transport.  Pretty moldings and paneled lid. Makes a small but very musical sound.  Excellent condition.
$4,500, $3,500.


#4140 CA
Unfretted clavichord by Robert Goble, 1974.  C - e’’’, beautiful walnut case.  This is a table instrument only,  no stand. The instrument is in CA. $4,000.00.


#4074 HCH

Zuckermann King of Sweden clavichord, by Edward Kottick, 1980. triple-fretted 45 notes, C/E-c’’’, at 465 Hz, short octave in bass. Boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps, painted soundboard, solid mahogany case with a matching mahogany cabriole-leg stand, a lined hard carrying case for easy transport and padded cover. (39 3/4” x 12” x 4 1/2”, 6 3/8” octave) $4,500.


#3999 HCH
Double-fretted clavichord by Dan Rembold, completed September 2017, opus 7, after example by G. Rosenau, 1766 in the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts. 53 notes C - e''', tuned in Werkmeister III at A=415 or can be tuned to A=440. Fretting can be adjusted to a different temperament upon request. Sapele hand-filled finish, ebony naturals with bone-topped sharps. Double-strung in yellow brass and iron wire. Dimensions: 48-7/8” x 14-3/8” x 5-1/8”. Eighteenth-century style stand with fluted and tapered legs included.   $6,500 $4,900.


#4000 HCH
Clavichord, by Joel R. van Lennep, 1972, /HCH 2018 after typical 16th century instruments by Pisaurensis. C/E short octave. with split sharps. Twenty two pairs of strings for forty five keys; lowest octave unfretted; double fretted throughout with open D's and A's ( 42” x 15”, 15lbs) Case covered in green velvet fabric. $5,500.


#4053 HCH
Clavichord by John Challis, 1948, Opus 65. Range AA - f''' unfretted; aluminum frame; beautiful mahogany case with turned leg stand; Latin motto: “music - the companion of joy, remedy for sorrow”, decorative brass hardware, unusual rose with square design; ebony covered naturals with wood sharps;   This instrument is a piece of instrument making history by the dean of harpsichord makers, John Challis. Originally with wooden soundboard, this instrument was upgraded in the 1960's by the Challis shop to his signature aluminum soundboard, resulting in extreme tuning stability and no loss of tone.  These clavichords sound beautiful, have wonderful responsive actions, and stay in tune almost indefinitely. (58” x 16” x 6”, 6 1/4” octave) Ralph Kirkpatrick borrowed a similar clavichord from Challis during the 1940's. $6,500.00  


#3983 WI
Clavichord by Hugh Gough, 1979, FF - f’’’, 61 notes, unfretted, boxwood naturals, ebony sharps, mahogany case, turned legs. The instrument is in WI. $6,500.


#3951 GER
Clavichord, copy of 17th and 18th century German instrument, by Carl Fudge (US) 1986, E – c’’’ (may be tuned C/E - c’’’ short octave), double fretted, custom-built, natural cherry finish, hand carved keys, lined cover. The instrument is in Germany. € 7,000


#4172 HCH

Clavichord after Hubert, 1789, by Gary Blaise, 1998, double fretted, C - f’’’, 54 notes, boxwood naturals, ebony sharps, beautiful solid cherry case with exposed dovetails, detachable tapered legs, two piece lid with built in music desk. (58 1/2” x 14 1/2” x 6”, 43 lbs., 6 1/4” octave) $12,900.