The Complete List/ Pedal Harpsichords





The Complete List/ Clavichords

#3924 TX
Zuckermann double fretted clavichord; 45 notes C/E - c"'; 39" long, strung in brass throughout; boxwood naturals, rosewood sharps; pretty solid cherry case. The instrument is in TX. $3,075.


#3971 CAN
Clavichord by Johannes Morley, 1979. FF - g’’’, 63 notes, five octave, mahogany case, turned fluted legs. Last serviced in 2015. The instrument is in Canada. $3,900.


#3941 PA
John Challis Clavichord, opus 318, 1969. GG - f’’’, unfretted, double strung, mahogany case, aluminum board and bridge. The instrument is in PA. This instrument is from the collection of Temple Painter, well-known concert artist who appeared with the NY Phil/ Philadelphia Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia. $4,500.


#3539 HCH
Zuckermann King of Sweden clavichord
, triple-fretted : 45 notes, C/E-c’’’, short octave in bass.   Boxwood naturals and rosewood sharps. Solid mahogany case with a matching mahogany cabriole-leg stand, and a lined carrying case for easy transport.  Pretty moldings and paneled lid. Makes a small but very musical sound.  Excellent condition.


#3960 AL
Double-fretted clavichord by Dan Rembold, 2017, opus 6, after example by G. Rosenau, 1766 in the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts. 53 notes C - e''' tuned in Werkmeister III at A=415. Fretting can be adjusted to a different temperament upon request. Mahogany hand-filled finish, balanced keys with ebony naturals and pearwood sharps. Double-strung in yellow brass. Dimensions: 48-5/8 x 14-5/16 x 5-1/8 in. The instrument is in AL. $4,900.


#3983 WI
Clavichord by Hugh Gough, 1979, FF - f’’’, 61 notes, unfretted, boxwood naturals, ebony sharps, mahogany case, turned legs. The instrument is in WI. $6,500.


#3945 CO
Clavichord by John Shortridge, 1970. Double fretted C-f"' with 4' strings from C-G. An exquisite copy of an anonymous circa 1700 German double fretted clavichord. The original instrument is housed in the Smithsonian, and the maker, the late John Shortridge was a curator there. This is an extraordinary instrument in both sight and sound, is museum quality and is a rare treasure. The instrument is in CO. $6,500. 


#3951 GER
Clavichord, copy of 17th and 18th century German instrument, by Carl Fudge (US) 1986, E – c’’’ (may be tuned C/E - c’’’ short octave), double fretted, custom-built, natural cherry finish, hand carved keys, lined cover. The instrument is in Germany. € 7,000


#3050 HCH Sold
Fretted clavichord in 16th - early 17th century Italian style by Joel van Lennep, Boston
, 1969. GG/BB - d''' fretted as follows: GG/BB - A unfretted; a#- g'''# double fretted (d's& a's open) ; a'' - d''' triple fretted. Fretting set in meantone temperament. ( 62" x 20" - 6 1/4" octave) Strung in yellow brass throughout. This clavichord is based primarily on the instrument numbered "2", illustration XV in Praetorius' Theatrum Instrumentorum and the 1543 Pisaurensis clavichord in the Heyer Collection in Leipzeig. The five separate straight bridges are held in place by the downward pressure of the strings; the soundboard has a sloping midsection to allow for this. A separate soundboard runs under the keyboard. A true "inner-outer" instrument, the delicate inner case is cedar with full moldings, weighs less than 10 kg. / 22 lbs. The outer case is covered in grey Italian silk velvet, (62" x 20" ~ 6 1/4" octave) . Keyboard of ebony with rosewood sharps and arcaded fronts. Painted trestle strand. From the shop of a noted Boston School builder and former curator of musical instruments at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Includes tool kit and maintenance guide. $4,500 as is. With additional shop work to include our 5 year warranty, $5,500.


#3931 HCH

Keith Hill clavichord, opus 273, 1992. GG - f’’’, 59 notes, double fretted @ A415. Keyboard of boxwood with ebony capped sharps. Lovely double fretted instrument with painted case in two colors; exterior wine, interior green with gold roping painted in, Flemish papers around soundboard. (54” x 15”, 6 1/4” octave) $8,900.


#3972 HCH

Clavichord by Tyre and Goudzwaard, 1995, opus 85. Ff - f’’’, 61 notes, keys of bone with carved arcades, cherry case, turned fluted legs. (60 1/2" x 20", 6 1/4" octave) $12,500.