The Complete List/ Virginals & Spinets



#4148 GA Sold
Zuckermann Virginal. 1 x 8’, 54 notes. BB - e''', boxwood naturals with black sharps. Three piece trestle stand. (64 1/2” x 18” x 8”, 6 1/2" octave) The instrument is in GA. $2,800.


#3373 MA
English Bentside Spinet. 61 note GG-g"' by John Morley (London) ca 1970
. Ivory case exterior; lid interior is light blue with gilded motto and banding; keyboard of ebony. Delrin jacks and plectra. Three fluted legs for easy installation. A portable, handsome instrument in good condition from the Morley shop. $4000 $3,000.


#3766 IL
Arnold Dolmetsch spinet single manual harpsichord, C-f’’’, 52 notes, professionally serviced in June of 2015.  The instrument is in Chicago, IL. $3495.


#4150 CA
Zuckermann Italian Virginal, kit made by G.L. Hango, 1978, Short octave GG - BB-e’’’, Owned by a professional technician, tuned and serviced regularly. Includes a decorated stand and a tuning lever.   The instrument is located in CA. $3,500.


#4119 HCH

English bent side spinet by Robert Goble, 1961, opus 227, FF - f ’’’, 61 notes, 1 x 8’, buff, wooden jacks, walnut case, tapered leg three piece stand. (54” x 41” x 7 1/2” , 6 1/4” octave) $3,500.


#3697 AL
Zuckermann virginal, 1 x 8', GG/BB to e''' non-transposing, Kept in meantone at A=415. Action, stringing, voicing, etc was professionally done by Brad Bennight in 2014. False inner/outer case. Traditional Dark Green (merde d'oie) case with underside of lid painted Chinese Red (vermilion). Boxwood naturals and black sharps/flats. Faux ivory studs decorate the keys, cheek-scrolls, jack rail, and 'inner' case. The Latin motto reads: "Non musica chordula, sed cor psallit in aure Dei" or "It is not the musical string, but the heart which sings in God's ear" Instrument is located in Alabama. $3,500.


#3923 HCH
Zuckermann Virginal, 1 x 8", 54 notes, BB - e''', boxwood naturals with black sharps, 6 1/2" octave. Green case with band on inside of lid, three piece trestle stand. $3,800.


#4123 HCH

Zuckermann Virginal, 1x 8’, 54 notes, BB - e’’’ @ 440, boxwood naturals with black sharps, Cherry veneer case, three piece trestle stand, (64 1/2” x 18” x 8”, 6 1/2" octave) $3,900.


#4098 HCH


Zuckermann Italian Virginal, 1 x 8", 54 notes, GG/BB - e''', @ 415, - boxwood naturals with cherry sharps, 6 1/2" octave. Rose wire with delrin plectra. Green case, with banding on front, four piece trestle stand. Rebuilt by HCH in 2018. $3,900.


#4120 HCH
Italian virginal by Robert Brooke, 1978, C - c’’’, 59 notes, 1 x 8’, transposing A415/A440, wooden jacks, boxwood naturals, ebony sharps with inlay, cedar case with sitka soundboard, three piece oak turned leg stand, (66 1/2” x 16 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 6 1/2” octave) $4,000.


#4073 MN Sold
English Bentside Spinet by Bradley W. M. Benn, 1981, FF - f ''', 61 notes, 1 X 8', case inlaid with exotic woods; stand with early style turnings; Regularly maintained by the builder.  Most recent service was in April, 2018. Instrument is in Minnesota. $4,000.00.  


#3253 CT Sold

Ottavino by F. Jacob Kaeser, 2011 after Ioannes Carcassi, 1698
; 4 octaves C - c''', 1x4’. Naturals in casein, sharps in walnut. Walnut case painted light green, papered interior; wooden jacks with celcon quill; 30 inches long. From a fine professional builder. This would make a fine first instrument for a small child. Full sound, includes audio out port for further amplification $4200


#3596 HCH

Ottavino by Arnold Dolmetsch, stamped #900 on pinblock. C-c''', 49 notes, quilled in leather. Pretty veneered panels on case, matching veneered bench. 31.5" spine, 20" front to back. $4,200.


#4011 HCH

Zuckermann design Italian virginal, by Terrence Driscoll. GG/BB-e"' at 415, 54 notes, 6 1/2” octave, 1 x 8’, boxwood naturals with black sharps. Parchment rose on soundboard. Green case, three piece trestle stand. New stringing and quilling by HCH.  $4,800.


#4082 CA
Pentagonal Virginal after DePerticis, 1684, by Jerome Prager, 1979, 1 x 8’, C - d’’’, 51 notes, The instrument is in CA. $5,500.



#4143 GA
Hubbard English bent side spinet, copy of the 1765 Baker Harris instrument, 1 x 8’, five-octave compass, FF’f’’’, 60 notes, mahogany case with inlaid walnut panels, three piece turned leg stand. The instrument is in GA. $6,500.



#4039 NJ
English bentside spinet by Hugh Gough, 1950. FF - f’’’, 61 notes, with crescendo stop and buff from pedals. Rebuilt by HCH in 2012, new action in leather at that time.   Keyboard of ebony & ivory,  painted sound board.  A finely crafted English bentside spinet. The instrument is in NJ.  $4,500. / $5,500. with board repair.#4143 GA Hubbard English bent side spinet, copy of the 1765 Baker Harris instrument, 1 x 8’, five-octave compass, FF’f’’’, 60 notes, mahogany case with inlaid walnut panels, three piece turned leg stand. The instrument is in GA. $6,500.  


#3912 HCH

Flemish virginal attributed to R. Schuetze, 1960’s - 1970’s, probably Ruckers Quint design, at 415 pitch, 1 x 8’, C-d’’’, 51 notes, reverse keys, delrin jacks, red case with marbling, decorated with flemish papers, all stringing in phosphor bronze, big sound. tapered legs on stand sections which are hinged to case. (59” x 18” x 9”, 6 1/4” octave) Includes cover. $6,800.


#3919 CAN
English Bentside Spinet from Hubbard Kit built in 1982 by Montreal builder Robert Sigmund. 60 notes, FF to f’’’, no bottom FF#. Includes extra strings (all brass) and tuning hammer. The instrument is in Montreal. $7800 CAN


#3853 HCH

English Bentside spinet by Hubbard and Broekman, 1989, 1 x 8’, FF,GG - f’’’, 60 notes, Keyboard of boxwood with mahogany sharps, case cross banded with mahogany surrounding boxwood inlay and bookmatched flamed mahogany panels, turned leg stand and matching bench. (74” x 32” x 9”, 6 3/8” octave). $8,500.


#4099 HCH
Hill and Tyre English style bent side spinet, 1980, opus 97. FF - g’’’, 63 notes, 1 x 8’, keys are ebony naturals, bone sharps, with carved arcades, black exterior, lid with red interior and gold banding, interior flemish papers, two piece turned leg trestle stand, (82” x 31”, 1/4” octave) $8,900.


#3789 VA
English bentside spinet by Peter Redstone, 1991, opus 50, 8’, C - d’’’, 51 notes, wooden jacks, oak case, trestle stand. The instrument is in Virginia. $8,900.


#3568 PA
Hubbard 17th Century Flemish Virginal Muselar, built in Hubbard shop; 49 notes, C to c''', Tapered soundboard, Embossed parchment key fronts, Oak music desk, Trestle stand in oak w/ turned legs, decorative bed bolt covers, Ball & Ball antiqued brass strap hinges, includes high back chair. $15,000 $12,500 / offer


#3966 HCH

Flemish Muselar, by Kevin Spindler, 1991, Based on the Couchet from 1650 that is in the Vleeshuis in Antwerp. C/E - c’’’, short octave, 45 notes, 1 x 8’, wooden jacks, keys are bone naturals with black sharps, decorated with flemish style papers, painted soundboard, (67 1/2" x 19 3/4" x 10 1/2") case painted in dark green with gold trim, turned leg stand of oak. $13,900.


#4018 HCH
Antique English Bentside spinet by Jacob Kirckman, London, 1750.  Single set of 8' strings. Completely restored by Dale Munschy with care to preserve originality.  Original stand in the style of William and Mary. Original keyboard and action with jacks quilled in Canadian goose. Correct Graham Walker wool action cloth.  Instrument has been restrung in an historically accurate scale with Malcolm Rose English brass and iron. Range FF, GG - f''' pitched at A415.  78" across the spine.  The instrument is in excellent playing condition and hold its tune quite well. Our understanding is that the instrument has been in the same family in America since 1800. Truly a rare opportunity to own a fine example from the renowned Kirckman workshop. $35,000.