The Complete List/ Virginals & Spinets


#3820 CA Sold
Neupert spinet
, C-f’’’, 4 1/2 octaves, 1 x 8’, split buff stop, keyboard of ebony & ivory, dark walnut case. The instrument is in California. $1,500.


#4022 TX
Spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch, Opus 511, L. Ward, 1948, FF - f’’’, 61 notes, 1 x 8’, buff, two pedals. Wooden jacks, delrin plectra. The instrument is in TX. $2,000.


#3373 MA
English Bentside Spinet. 61 note GG-g"' by John Morley (London) ca 1970
. Ivory case exterior; lid interior is light blue with gilded motto and banding; keyboard of ebony. Delrin jacks and plectra. Three fluted legs for easy installation. A portable, handsome instrument in good condition from the Morley shop. $4000 $3,000.


#3766 IL
Arnold Dolmetsch spinet single manual harpsichord, C-f’’’, 52 notes, professionally serviced in June of 2015.  The instrument is in Chicago, IL. $3495.


#3049 HCH
English bentside spinet by Robert Goble, London, 1955
; opus 108, 1 x 8', buffstop with pedal; A440. FF - f''' 61 notes. A handsome spinet from the Goble workshops, with a full five octaves. (55" x 31", 6 1/4" octave) Useful as a solo instrument or in consort. This instrument has undergone a full restoration, requilling (in Delrin) and regulation in our shop. $5,900. $3,500.


#3012 HCH Sold
Spinettino by Arnold Dolmetsch,1930
. C - c''' 49 notes. Currently tuned to quint pitch. Nicely detailed in mahogany with pearwood arcades on the keyfronts; completely removable from the handsome outer case. $3500


#3697 AL
Zuckermann virginal, 1 x 8', GG/BB to e''' non-transposing, Kept in meantone at A=415. Action, stringing, voicing, etc was professionally done by Brad Bennight in 2014. False inner/outer case. Traditional Dark Green (merde d'oie) case with underside of lid painted Chinese Red (vermilion). Boxwood naturals and black sharps/flats. Faux ivory studs decorate the keys, cheek-scrolls, jack rail, and 'inner' case. The Latin motto reads: "Non musica chordula, sed cor psallit in aure Dei" or "It is not the musical string, but the heart which sings in God's ear" Instrument is located in Alabama. $3,500.


#3923 HCH
Zuckermann Virginal, 1 x 8", 54 notes, BB - e''', boxwood naturals with black sharps. Green case with band on inside of lid, three piece trestle stand. $3,800.


#3253 CT

Ottavino by F. Jacob Kaeser, 2011 after Ioannes Carcassi, 1698
; 4 octaves C - c''', 1x4’. Naturals in casein, sharps in walnut. Walnut case painted light green, papered interior; wooden jacks with celcon quill; 30 inches long. From a fine professional builder. This would make a fine first instrument for a small child. Full sound, includes audio out port for further amplification $4200


#3596 HCH

Ottavino by Arnold Dolmetsch, stamped #900 on pinblock. C-c''', 49 notes, quilled in leather. Pretty veneered panels on case, matching veneered bench. 31.5" spine, 20" front to back. $4,200.


#4039 NJ
English bentside spinet by Hugh Gough, 1950. FF - f’’’, 61 notes, with crescendo stop and buff from pedals. Rebuilt by HCH in 2012, new action in leather at that time.   Keyboard of ebony & ivory,  painted sound board.  A finely crafted English bentside spinet. The instrument is in NJ.  $4,500. / $5,500. with board repair.  


#3525 HCH
Hubbard English bentside
, kit built, 1995; FF,GG - f'''. Keyboard of boxwood with mahogany sharps. Delrin jacks. Turned stand, veneered panels on case exterior. (74” x 32” x 9”, 6 1/4” octave) Includes music rack. $4,900.


#3796 MN Sold
English Bentside Spinet in walnut by B. W. M. Benn, Minneapolis opus 36, 1974, 1 x 8’ with buff stop 5 octave FF- f”’ , ebony naturals, bone top sharps, arcaded fronts. Inlaid nameboard and jackrail; turned-leg stand; locking lid. Rich, warm, strong tone. Buff stop, unusual for a spinet, is very effective. Excellent condition. 2 minor cracks in soundboard have no effect on tone. Used for years for continuo in a Collegium Musicum. includes padded moving cover, tools, and spare parts. The instrument is in MN, delivery possible. $6,000.


#3764 HCH

Hubbard English bentside spinet, kit built by Richard Brune, FF,GG - f’’’, 60 notes, delrin jacks. Turned leg three piece stand, veneered panels on case exterior. (74” x 32” x 9”, 6 1/4” octave) $6,500.


#3912 HCH

Flemish virginal attributed to R. Schuetze, 1960’s - 1970’s, probably Ruckers Quint design, at 415 pitch, 1 x 8’, C-d’’’, 51 notes, reverse keys, delrin jacks, red case with marbling, decorated with flemish papers, all stringing in phosphor bronze, big sound. tapered legs on stand sections which are hinged to case. (59” x 18” x 9”, 6 1/4” octave) Includes cover. $6,800.


#3919 CAN
English Bentside Spinet from Hubbard Kit built in 1982 by Montreal builder Robert Sigmund. 60 notes, FF to f’’’, no bottom FF#. Includes extra strings (all brass) and tuning hammer. The instrument is in Montreal. $7800 CAN


#3853 HCH

English Bentside spinet by Hubbard and Broekman, 1989, 1 x 8’, FF,GG - f’’’, 60 notes, Keyboard of boxwood with mahogany sharps, case cross banded with mahogany surrounding boxwood inlay and bookmatched flamed mahogany panels, turned leg stand and matching bench. (74” x 32” x 9”, 6 3/8” octave). $8,500.


#3742 HCH

Hill & Tyre English style bent side spinet, opus 92, 1980, FF-g’’’, 63 notes, 1x8’, red interior with gold banding, black exterior and turned leg trestle stand. $8,500.


#3789 VA
English bentside spinet by Peter Redstone, 1991, opus 50, 8’, C - d’’’, 51 notes, wooden jacks, oak case, trestle stand. The instrument is in Virginia. $8,900.


#3568 PA
Hubbard 17th Century Flemish Virginal Muselar, built in Hubbard shop; 49 notes, C to c''', Tapered soundboard, Embossed parchment key fronts, Oak music desk, Trestle stand in oak w/ turned legs, decorative bed bolt covers, Ball & Ball antiqued brass strap hinges, includes high back chair. $15,000 $12,500 / offer


#3966 HCH

Flemish Muselar, by Kevin Spindler, 1991, Based on the Couchet from 1650 that is in the Vleeshuis in Antwerp. C/E - c’’’, short octave, 45 notes, 1 x 8’, wooden jacks, keys are bone naturals with black sharps, decorated with flemish style papers, painted soundboard, (67 1/2" x 19 3/4" x 10 1/2") case painted in dark green with gold trim, turned leg stand of oak. $13,900.


#3824 UK
Virginal. A museum quality iron-scaled early Italian virginals in cypress wood for display or restoration. The instrument is in London. $19,000 USD.