To list an instrument, please provide the following information:

• Type of instrument: harpsichord, spinet, virginal, clavichord, continuo organ, fortepiano

• # of keyboards:

• # of keys and bottom and top note: (ex: 56 notes, GG-d"')

• Maker, type and date:

• Description of the instrument :
visual and technical (photos are encouraged!) Click here to see guidelines for photographs.

• Other items included with instrument: (tools, spare strings, cover or case, bench)

• Location of instrument if other than your address:

• Last time the instrument was professionally serviced:

• Asking price:

• Your name:

• Address:

• Contacts:phone/ fax/ e-mail:

Submit your listing info by fax or phone (see top of this page),
or e-mail to Peter Berdos at

Helpful info about listings. Please take a moment to read this:

We list our instruments by type (double manual, single manual, clavichords, fortepianos, etc.). Every instrument has a number followed by a letter code that tells you where it is located.

Within each of these type categories, we list the instruments from least expensive to most expensive.

Our "Gallery" list shows instruments that are currently on the floor of our showroom here in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, about an hour south of Boston.

Our "Complete List" shows all of our instruments, both those here in Rehoboth and instruments that are in the hands of their owners. If you are browsing in the "Complete List" section, you can tell which instruments are in our Gallery by noting whether or not they have the letters "HCH" after their number. Other instruments will have a state code, such as NY or MA, or they may be designated by country, such as UK, Canada, etc.

Instruments not in the continental US appear on our Complete List and again under the subheading "European Listings".

Pricing, unless otherwise indicated, is in US dollars.

Our Commission

Instruments are listed by us on a Commission Basis: (20%)

Listings will be carried for a two year period. This listing will automatically renew with an information update. We spend a good deal of time with potential buyers to get the best instrument for them. When we recommend your instrument, you will be notified immediately, and that party will contact you directly.

Our Listing Agreement requires that you notify us immediately if the instrument is sold, whether or not it was sold through us, so that we can remove it from our listing, and that you inform us of the buyer's name and address, and the price for which the instrument finally sold. The 20% commission is due at the time of the sale, if we have been involved in any way in the sale. This includes use of or reference to our website for sales or promotional purposes.

There is a minimum commission of $200. usd.

Consignment to the Gallery:

Instruments of high quality are often brought to our Gallery in Rehoboth, MA. These instruments are chosen by our staff, and receive a thorough technical and cosmetic update to insure that each is in its best condition. Commission on sale of these instruments is 25%. Owners should expect to also pay for transportation in, insurance and any technical work needed. HCH stands fully behind these instruments and guarantees each for a period of five years for workmanship and materials.