#2810 NE
2 Manual and Pedal Practice Organ by John Brombaugh, 1973, Opus 12b.

This ideal practice organ was built by four of the most important American organ builders of the 20th century: John Brombaugh, George Taylor, John Boody, and Herman Greunke.  With features such as the Manual I 4’, the couplers, and the ventil for the Pedal 8’ (allowing the 4’ to be used in the pedal for a cantus firmus melody), the organ has a flexibility beyond most three-stop practice organs.  $49,000 (negotiable)

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Location: Private residence, Lincoln, NE

Condition: Excellent (maintained since 1973 by organ builder Gene Bedient)

Manual I (56 notes, C-g’’’) (bottom manual)
Rohrflote 4’
Manual II (56 notes, C-g’’’)
Gedackt 8’
Pedal (30 notes, C-f’)
Woodgedackt 8’
Ventil to Pedal 8’
Pedal board: AGO style, concave and radiating
Dimensions: 7’ 8 1⁄4” high, 5’ 2 1⁄4” wide, 2’ 6” deep; total depth with pedalboard and bench 4’ 3”
Mechanical action
White oak case