Pipe Organs

Since 1983, we have been US representatives for Klop Orgelbau, the Netherlands. The workmanship and musicality of these instruments are of the highest order, and the Klop organs are now known from coast to coast.

In addition, we are builders of a 17th Century German continuo organ of two or three ranks (Bennett / Giuttari) , specifically designed for smaller ensembles. Both of these organs are available on rental anywhere in the continental US from HCH for concert or recording use.

Currently listed organs

Continuo organs by Henk Klop, Netherlands

Continuo organs by Bennett / Giuttari

MCP Model 3 Organ by David Leach

Recently sold organs

A new Klop church organ for Atlanta
First Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia, was in need of a new organ for their Gothic style chapel, built in the early twentieth century with seating for about 200 people... click here to read more.

Continuo Organs by Henk Klop, Netherlands
Designed by Gerrit & Henk Klop of the Netherlands, this continuo organ has found its place among many early music groups, choirs and touring ensembles in the US and throughout the world. To achieve the mild yet carrying tone so searched for in continuo organs, the pipework is made entirely of wood, following historical examples like the Compenius organ of 1610 in Copenhagen. This has as extra advantages extremely light weight and ruggedness of construction; it can be easily transported in any position without fear of damage. The case in which the organ arrives also serves as its transport case. Placed on its back, the organ fits into almost any station wagon. All registers are split bass/treble, with both stop knobs operated by one (left) hand. Casework is in cherry with ornamental grill panels.

Klop continuo organs recently placed include:
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 4 1/2 stop including regal
Boston University, Boston, MA 3 1/2 stop
St. Francis in the Fields, Harrod’s Creek, KY, 3 1/2 stop
Handel & Haydn Society, Boston, MA 3 1/2 stop
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL 3 1/2 stop
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 3 1/2 stop
Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN, 3 1/2 stop
La Donna Musicale, Watertown, MA, single 8’ stop
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 3 1/2 stop

C-f"' transposing keyboard A-392, 415, 440(fully chromatic), 465 hz
8' Gedeckt
4' Chimneyflute
2' Principal
2 2/3' or 1 1/3' Quint (treble only)
Dimensions: 112 x 83 x 50 cm / 44 x 33 x 20 in.
Weight: 82 kg / 165 lbs
Delivery: currently about 10 months from contract.



Pricing: Dependent upon the rate of exchange. FOB Boston
All contracts are quoted on an individual basis.

Continuo Organs by Bennett & Giuttari
A continuo organ of two or three ranks made its debut at the Boston Early Music Festival 1995. The instrument is the collaboration of John Bennett and Glenn Giuttari and was based on the kisten organs of the 17th century (Manderscheit, Nuremberg), with all pipework in wood. Panels on the side (fretwork) and top of the instrument control the egress of sound. The sticker action/ palletbox lies directly beneath the keydesk, giving very precise control of pipe speech. A single-fold wedge reservoir gives gently flexible wind. The instrument's mild voicing is ideal for continuo and chamber ensemble settings.

Shown below is our Opus 30, for First Parish Church, Brunswick, ME


Other recent instruments have gone to Middlebury, Colby, Swarthmore and Grinnell Colleges, Moores School of Music (Univ of Houston) , the residence of Nanette Lunde, Musica Angelica-LA, residence of Keith Womer-Austin,TX, Dayton Bach Society, New York Baroque, and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Rocky Hill Congregational, CT, Hayes residence, and The Fanfare Consort,CT.
Opus 24, three ranks with hand winding for Florida State University., Tallahassee, FL
Opus 25, University of North Texas, Denton, TX(8'4' regal 8').
Opus 26, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Opus 27, Brown University, Providence, RI
Opus 28, Soto Residence, CA
Opus 29, Wellesley College
Opus 30, First Parish Church, Brunswick, Maine
Opus 31, 2006 Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA
Opus 32, 2006 New England Conservatory, Boston, MA
Opus 33, 2006 HCH Rental Organ, Rehoboth, MA
Opus 34, 2006 Hendrik Broekman, Wayland, MA

Specifications: three rank
C-d"' transposing keyboard A- 392, 415, 440, 465 hz
8' Gedackt -
4' Flute -
2' Open principal - .
Dimensions: 38 x 36 x 25 in.

Weight: 185 lbs
A stage dolly is included.

$29,900 / €22,203 / GBP 14,955
Delivery: 8 months from contract.

- Split registers
- 8' regal - interchangeable with 2'
- Hand winding

MCP Model 3 by Leach

HCH (shown above)
MCP Model 3 Organ by David Leach. The MCP Model 3 organ is based on a single rank of Gedackt pipes. The four stops are derived from the single Gedeckt rank and provide a very acceptable chorus. The MCP Model 3 organ is suitable for many forms of continuo playing, organ concertos, and for small church or chapel. Click here to learn more.

Currently Listed Organs

#2448 HCH (shown above) Sold
Noack organetto, 1972, by Fritz Noack; this exquisite instrument is Opus 2 of two instruments, Opus 1 having been built for the late Daniel Pinkham; It is a table organ, hand pumped with assistant or by the player. 29 notes c' - e''' referenced to 8' pitch; boxwood naturals, ebony sharps; oiled walnut case; superb condition; excellent sound and action. 19"width, 11"deep,36"high. With hard case for transport. $3,800

#2693 HCH (shown above)
MCP Model 3 Organ by David Leach. The MCP Model 3 organ is based on a single rank of Gedackt pipes. The four stops are derived from the single Gedeckt rank and provide a very acceptable chorus. The MCP Model 3 organ is suitable for many forms of continuo playing, organ concertos, and for small church or chapel. Click here to learn more.

#2607 HCH (shown above) - Sold
Continuo organ by Susan Tattershall; 51 note C-d”’ 8’ stopped with 1/2 rank (prepared). 392-440 Transposing. Striking Mexican carved panels. Currently being completely reworked in our shop. $12,500

#2768 CAN (shown above)
1985 Tsuji organ, Opus 41
Manual 1 C-d''' 51keys
Gedackt 8'
Floete 4'
Principal 2'
Pitch = 415 cps; cone tuned (meantone) Portable in two pieces. Weight 50 kg; upper part weighs 30 kg. and the bottom weighs 20 kg. Very easily carried. ~ Needs technical work to bring the instrument to concert standard. $18,000 CAN / best offer.

#2739 HCH
(shown above)    
Flentrop cabinet Organ of 3 stops with pedal pull-down: 8’ Holpijp (Metal), 4’ Fluit(metal), 2’ Octaaf. All stops divided with sliders to left and right of case. C-f”’ at 415 HZ. Pedal board- 27 notes flat, C-d’. Keyboard of Grenadilla with pear sharps. Laukhuff blower. 46” w,  72” h,  25” d(kbd) or 44” d (w pedalboard). Façade pipes are ornamental. Built from Flentrop parts in 1978, with reworking by Noack. We have just finished general cleaning, tuning and regulation. Come and play! $18,000

#2562 IL (shown above) Sold
Reuter Organ Company Opus.2056, 1983
56/32 key compass
Manual I - Rohrflöte 4’
Manual II - Pommer 8’
Pedal - Holzgedackt 8’
Pedal sperrventil
Gentle, pleasant sound ideal for practice at home, meticulously maintained and in excellent condition. Improvements performed by Pieter Visser and under the consultation of James Louder, Inc. Mechanical, self-compensating action with self-contained blower runs on household current (115VAC, 2.5a). Reliable and trouble-free, easy to tune and maintain. Includes red oak case and bench. Removable crown moldings allow installation under an eight foot ceiling. $19,500 or best offer.

# 2764 NL
Klop 3 1/2 stop continuo organ built in 1992. 8’4’2’ with 1/2 rank 2 2/3. All stops divided. Fully reconditioned and available immediately. €20.125

#2505 CA (shown above)
Cabinet Organ by John Bennett, ca 1985. 1 manual. 51 notes, C to d''' 430, non-transposing. 42" x 28" x 83". 6 stops: 8' Grossgedacht (stopped wood), 4' Kleingedacht, 4' Principal, 2' octava, 1-1/2' Quintal, 8' Regal. Direct (mechanical) action. With a low pressure mechanical blower, setup for foot pumped bellows. Faux-marble exterior, Ebony naturals, fruitwood sharps. Detail of pipework.This instrument by John Bennett has a charming sound, with a wide possibility of stops appropriate for Renaissance, Baroque, and the early classical repertoire. $23,600.

#2499 OH (shown above)
John Brombaugh Continuo organ, 1973. C-d"' compass at 440 Hz, not transposing. 8' gedackt, 4' rohrflote, 2' principal. Oak case 54" wide x 21" deep x 43" high with wheeled platform. $24,900.

# 2483 HCH (shown above) Sale pending
Single manual organ of five stops by Jeremy Cooper, 1978; Case of cherry; Key compass C - g'''; Natural keys plated with ebony with sharps of maple; A440; Dimensions (approx.) 8' high X 5' wide X 22" deep. The organ may be separated into upper and lower sections for moving purposes. There are removable casters on both sections. Currently disassembled and undergoing a thorough refurbishment. Instrument can be voiced to suit the new owner. This organ was designed as a one manual instrument with no pedal. $25,000
Stop list:
8' Stopped Diapason
4' Prestant
4' Spire Flute
2' Chimney Flute
III Mixture

#2580 HCH (shown above) - Sold
Positiv, 2002 by Henk Klop: Flute 8', Regal 16', Regal 8', Regal 4'. All stops are split in Bass/Treble. Each reed-stop has own unique character. Broad compass: C-f'''. Transposable keyboard: A=415/440/465 Hxz. Case in Cherry-wood, Dimensions 113x84x57 cm. Fundamental keys: Ebony. Accidentals: Plum-wood. The builder, Henk Klop verified that one of the regals could be exchanged for a 2' flute, but would need to be done in shop. The instrument is very sturdy and reeds stable once tuned in new environment. Like new condition. No cover, dolly available. $30,000 / offer

#2502 CAN (shown above) - Sold
Positive Pipe Organ, 1973, by Karl Wilhelm, Canada. One manual, 54 notes; pedal compass: 30 notes. White oak case with removable doors; A=440 Herz at 20C (68 F);  tuned in equal temperament. Click here for details.


#2468 HCH (shown above) Sold
Continuo Organ by Bennett & Giuttari
Opus 33 in our series begun 12 years ago. This instrument has been our principal rental organ for the last year and is based on the box organs of the 17th century (Manderscheit, Nuremberg),  with all pipework in wood. Panels on the side (fretwork) and top of the instrument control the volume of sound. The sticker action/ palletbox lies directly beneath the keydesk, giving very precise control of pipe speech. The instrument is in "new" condition, and carries our full warranty. 
Opus 33, 2006
Specifications: Four rank. C-d"' transposing keyboard, A- 392, 415, 440 (fully chromatic), 465 hz. 
All registers are split bass/ treble
8' Gedackt -
4' Flute -
2' Open Principal - interchangeable with an 8' Regal stop (wood)
Dimensions: 38 x 36 x 25 in.  Weight: 185 lbs
Case work of cherry, keyboard of dark stained fruitwood with maple sharps. Fretted side panels with hand painted door panels. A single-fold wedge reservoir with Laukhuff blower. This instrument is designed so that the 2' rank removes ( in one piece) and can be interchanged with the 8' regal (one piece). The unused rank fits into a wooden carrying case. Specifications then are 8', 4, '2' or 8', 4', 8' regal.  Included are: Music desk, stage dolly, four iron carrying handles, padded soft cover, and tuning tools.

$34,000 Purchase price includes insurance and delivery to any location in the continental US. Massachusetts buyer: 5% sales tax if applicable. Delivery (shipping and insurance included) within 45 days, by arrangement. 
Questions? 800-252-4304

#2695 CT (shown above)
Bedient "Lincoln" model organ, Op 62, 1999 . Man I: rohrflute 8, Man II: gedackt 8, Pedal: pull-down from II. Tracker action, White oak case. 56 notes CC-g''', pedal 30 notes C - f'. 54” wide, 93” high, fits under 8' ceiling and requires 65” of depth including the bench and pedalboard. Located near New Haven, CT $35,000 (purchaser to pay relocation costs)

#2444 CA (shown above)
Continuo organ by Robert Byrd, Boston 1990's. Three stops at 8'4 2 flutes.Transposing 415/440. Can slider tune for 430. Keyboard of bone with ebony sharps. Case of oak with carved panels. Includes dolly and cover. This instrument was used extensively for Handel & Haydn performances & recordings with James David Christie. Available immediately. $41,000.